I’ve got an e-mail I want to share with you today.

A woman by the name of Dani wrote me from Vermont and thanked me for the insightful advice on dating men and women in general. She’s learned how to have a better understanding of the dating dynamics between men and women and she’s purchased several of my audios on coaching and therapy.

And after all the hurt that she endured, she learned to become a more confident, emotionally healthy and mature person. She finally feels like she’s on the right path to a better and beautiful fulfilled life.

So, to Dani:

A huge hug all the way across the country from Los Angeles to Vermont.

Not only am I proud to be part of that journey that you’re on right now

I feel amazing that you actually took the time to respond and send me this e-mail.

I don’t have time to respond to every e-mail that comes in my inbox. But I do read all the e-mails, because I want to know where all of you are at in your journeys called life and love.

Dani wrote a text to a man that she was dating, and it’s fucking awesome.

Because Dani thanked him for exactly what he gave her. I’m going to read you the text, because she gave me permission to do this.

The text read like this:

Dear Russ,

I am truly grateful for the gift you gave me, the gift of awareness. Even though you hurt me, I’m truly thankful for you being my teacher and the lessons you taught me. I now know in order for me to have a healthy and loving relationship for a man, I need to ask lots of questions, establish boundaries, never accept bad behavior, honor myself, love myself unconditionally and never again wear the rose-colored glasses.

Most importantly, you taught me to now choose a man who is authentic, honest, honors me, who respects me, who’s not afraid or uncomfortable to talk to me about difficult topics in-person, not via text message, and lastly, he makes me a priority in his life. Thank you once again for this last lesson I needed to learn.

Take care and goodbye,


This text is amazing. She went on to say that she shared this text with her closest friends, and they said it was a good closer on her part. She agreed with them, and I also told them if Russ is paying attention and he read between the lines, it was a fuck you as well.

The power of fuck you is what I really like here.

You see, being grateful for a gift, being more aware, telling somebody that they didn’t really honor you, respect you or didn’t communicate the way you wanted literally, is the most virtual, powerful fuck you that anybody can do.

The reason being is because you’re standing up for yourself. You’re standing up for who you are. You’re standing up for what you’re all about. You’re not allowing somebody else to control you, and you’re no longer taking scraps in life.

You see, Dani, you did what so many women are not doing.

You’re fully aware of the man who showed up, and the man who showed up did not match the story he gave you, and you were okay with that.

You took inventory of who he truly was.

And by doing that, it enabled you to literally write one of the most amazing texts that I’ve read.

More of you need to stand up like this and become more aware. It’s so important, because true love only comes to those of us who are fully aware and present to what’s going on in our lives.

So thank you, Dani, for sharing this amazing text today.

And hopefully other women get impacted and grow from it as well.