What do you crave the most in life?

Most people crave three things:

They crave love.

They crave wealth.

And they crave health.

Love is a different definition for all of us: how we want to feel in a relationship, how we want to be treated, how we love ourselves, our friends, family, and the people around us.

Wealth is a totally different definition for a lot of people too. Some people just want enough money to be able to do the things they want to do. Some people want to conquer the world and have more money than anyone else. Some people’s view of wealth has nothing to do with money, but with living a healthy life with money there to give them the experiences that they want.

And health, we all would love to be just healthy and live forever. We’d all love to be able to never get sick or be able to beat a cold and feel good every day.

Do you realize that you control your destiny and the three most important things in life?

Love, wealth, and health, it’s all up to you. You control your destiny in all of these. You really do.

Now granted, you could get sick and come down with cancer––something you had no control over––but in general your overall health is determined by how you take care of yourself.

The foods you eat, the water you drink, the way you work out, the amount of sleep you get. You’re really responsible for your own health. As far as wealth, there’s no limit to what you can make in this world, the only limit is the way your mind thinks.

You can determine whatever you want to do when it comes down to wealth. How much money you want to make, the type of job you want to have, the type of wealth you want to create…all up to you.

And love…love you can fully find on your own. There’s no limit to love. There’s no limit to the amount of people that you can fall in love with. The only thing that limits you in your quest for love is yourself, your mindset, and the way you feel about yourself.

Love, health, and wealth—all three things you are fully capable of having however you want.

There are no excuses in life but the ones that you put forth for yourself every single day.

It’s amazing how many people would rather live an excuse-filled life rather than a life filled with love, wealth, and health.

How about you?