Do you truly understand love?

Do you understand the root of love, where it originates, and what the trigger points are?

Do you think love is all about chemistry?

A lot of people do.

They’ll say that love is when two people have that magical chemistry.

But what if I told you that all that chemistry talk is bullshit.

‘Chemistry’ is a drug far more powerful than LSD, far more powerful than Heroin and certainly far more powerful than anything Walter White can cook in his kitchen on Breaking Bad.

When two people fall under the chemical influence of what they think is the love drug, they tend to ignore everything that is reality.

What happens next is this chemical reaction, this love drug, will last long enough for the two lovebirds to believe they’re having the greatest relationship of their life, but in reality, the warning signs have been there from the beginning—and they didn’t see them!

By the time they got sober, they were already hand-in-hand walking down the aisle, with a bun in the oven and no idea what to do next.

Think back on all your past relationships; think back on every relationship you’ve ever had where you thought that you were in love. Now look around- are you still with that person?

Or, look at the person you are currently with right now. Do you still love them like you thought you did in the beginning? Do you even really love them at all? Sure, you may love them as a person, but are you in love?