Remember when we were little kids?

We used to always be afraid of the boogey man.

We’d check our closet at night to see if the boogey man was hiding in there.

We’d check under our bed to see if the boogey man was hiding there.

We asked our parents to leave the light on so we’d know if the boogey man walked in.

Ever since we were little kids, we were taught to be afraid. We’ve been encouraged and coddled by fear.

In high school, some of us had our first love and our first disappointment.  Some of waited until college to have that happen.

But after being disappointed by what we thought was love, we began to equate love with fear, and fear created that boogey man in our minds.

And when that happens, we start attracting all of the wrong type of love into our lives.

Because we go into relationships with these thoughts:


“Oh God, I hope I don’t get hurt again.”

 “I really hope I don’t get cheated on again.”

“I really hope this works out.”

Love became our boogey man.

So, how do we stop these terrible thoughts from keeping real love from our lives?

Well, first, you need to understand that the boogey man doesn’t exist.


Love is a beautiful thing, it’s plentiful, and when you understand it, you’ll no longer associate it with the thoughts and fears that you did before.