On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . .

How did they come up with that? Is the fourth day of Christmas the fourth day before Christmas? Also, if you don’t have a true love, who is going to give it to you?

Sometimes with our egos we don’t get anything. It’s good to have a healthy ego — to feel good about yourself and love who you are as a person.

Where ego can really ruin you, though, is in dating and relationships. How many of you don’t call someone back because you feel like they should be calling you? How many times have you fought with someone over nothing (and it was just two egos battling)?

Egos always want to be right. They say that it is when you are humbled that you learn your greatest lessons. We are going to talk all about when you need to lose your ego in today’s podcast. I am also going to tell you how doing so can dramatically change your dating and relationships.

So on this fourth day of Christmas, your true love — me — has a gift for you.

Four big lessons.
Three more words.
Two more sentences in this blog.
And one ego podcast…

Click here to listen to this special bonus podcast, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!