Here we are. A few days into the new year and I bet you already you’ve had that drink you weren’t going to have.

You ate the food you said you wouldn’t each anymore.

You aren’t at the gym quite yet.

You haven’t approached the opposite sex like you said you would.

And you already hate swipe and online dating.

Oh, aren’t resolutions so great?

Aren’t they great in a drunken stupor on a Sunday night in December? You’re able to spew out resolutions.

It’s amazing, all of sudden you feel like you’ve got a clear slate ahead of you. It’s a brand new year. It’s a brand new you. You get to make these brand new resolutions.

But already, it’s disheartening to find out that the majority of Americans, the majority of people around the world, have already broken their new years resolution.

Gone. into the air. POOF.

So what is someone like you to do? Hmmm…

Do what I’ve writing about!

If you go back and look at every single year since I’ve been writing this blog and writing articles on the Internet (which by the way we’re going to our eleventh year, I think), I’ve literally written a version of this very article every year.

It’s always titled something different, but every year I tell you the exact same thing.

New years resolutions suck.

It’s time to have daily intents.

That’s right: one intent per day.

It could be the same intent for a while until you get it right, but by setting an intent you realize that every day is a new day in a new year.

There is no New Year’s resolution, but there is a new day’s intent. Because the universe, God, whatever you believe in, is giving you the opportunity to literally recreate every single day.

Every day, you’re allowed to create a brand new day.

Isn’t that exciting?

A new day every single day where you can experience new things.

Where you can…

  • Start that diet.
  • Approach that girl.
  • Flirt with that man.
  • Work on your new business.
  • Clean up your house.

You see, if you accomplish just a little bit every single day, that means you get further towards completing the big intent that you set out.

Look: I think New Year’s resolutions are grandiose things. They’re nice, they’re beautiful, but in reality, most of you can’t, at all, figure out how to continually make them work.

So that’s why I need you to look at every single day as a new day, as part of a new year with brand new intents.

That’s how you change the way your life is going to be in 2018.

Set a daily intent.

Make it realistic and work on it every day.

Build up your life again day by day, minute by minute.