Happy 2018.

I know this week you’re going to hear a lot of people saying “Happy New Year” over and over again, but I’ll say it anyway.

You’re also going to have to answer a big question to yourself: what’s realistic this year and what’s not?

A lot of people come up with these outrageous goals.

You want to quadruple your income. Yet you’re flipping hamburgers somewhere.

It’s great to dream. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about dreaming.

Other people want to get in a relationship or have a date within a week, yet they haven’t had a date in months.

It’s the grandiose goals that become the most disappointing to you.

Those are the ones that cause the most amount of frustration for you.

I truly believe, and I’ve said it over and over again, that every single day is an opportunity for improvement and transformation.

I’m not a big grandiose goal person at all.

If I’m driving a Toyota Corolla and I want to drive a Tesla, I’m definitely not going to say that by the end of the year I’ll have that.

I don’t go for grandiose things.

Now, it’s okay to have a vision board and clip things out and really want these things.

But, I truly believe that real goal-setting starts with a daily commitment to embrace small victories every single day.

Every single day, you need to have a small victory.

For instance, if you want to go meet men or women, then you need to go and flirt, and say hello first.

And the following day, you can extend it. Your goal is having a longer conversation.

And then, the following day, you can extend it and maybe ask somebody out.

Okay, so over the course of let’s say three days to a week, you’re breaking up your big goal (meeting men or meeting women) into smaller goals:

  1. Being able to say hello
  2. Being able to flirt
  3. Having a longer conversation
  4. Asking them out on a date

And then, you can get rejected or shut down, but you can go out and do it all over again.

When I work with somebody that I’m coaching, I make sure that we take it baby step by baby step so they can embrace not only the lessons that they are learning, but also the victories that they experience each day. Because that’s the biggest thing: to embrace the wins you have, no matter how small they might seem at the time.

There’s no point in having these grandiose goals when you haven’t even taking the small baby steps yet, and that’s the key: to take the baby steps in order to do really well.


You see, working on these things gives you the opportunity to start building the foundation. You can’t just go and all of the sudden become a day-trader.

You can’t go and all of the sudden be the world’s greatest seducer when you can’t even say hello to someone.

So what I want you to do in 2018 is forget about the resolutions.

Forget about those resolutions. I want you to literally go and set out small small steps you can take every day.

Small steps ⇒ small victories each day.

It’s no different than a football player who throws the same pass over and over again.

It’s no different than somebody goes to med school to learn the same routines over and over again.

Life is about embracing the small wins, building new routines, and building new ways to actually succeed.

That’s going to change the way you do things.

One of my big goals is to learn about crypto-currencies.

So every single day, I am doing things to learn. I am networking in that.

By the way, for those of you who would like to be coached by me, I am going to start accepting crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Why? Because I know that many of my readers have actually made a lot of money in it (and it’s literally free money for you), so why not invest in yourself?

We can talk about yearly coaching, two-year coaching, and unlimited lifetime coaching.

There are some new programs I’m doing this year, so watch out.

So you’ll start seeing that because I’m going to start presenting those programs to all of you because I truly believe in supporting each of you on a daily basis.

Just like I believe in taking small steps on a daily basis. The smaller the steps, the more powerful things will actually become for you over the long run.