Are you a logical thinker?

Are you a man or a woman who thinks out the whole conversation before you approach someone of the opposite sex?

Are you someone who actually thinks about dates before you go on them? Do you think about what is going to happen or what exactly you need to do to make things happen the way you want?

Do you actually believe that there is a manual you can read that will show you step-by-step what to say every time you approach someone?

Today’s podcast is a special treat for all of you. It’s a recording of some live coaching Coach Khiem and I did with a few guys at last weekend’s Bootcamp. In the podcast, I will get into the stubborn heads of all of you logical thinkers, and I’ll show you exactly how to speak with emotions.

I also debunk the myth of “structured communication” systems which, for some reason, a ton of pickup companies actually try to get men to believe will work on women. All of you ladies know, however, that such systems are a load of . . . you know what.

To listen to the podcast, click here: