when death comesSometimes in life we feel like we’re invincible.

We always feel like tomorrow is going to bring us results.

I got some news the other day that kind of blew me away.

I was in the park with my daughter, just enjoying a Friday afternoon.

I got a text from a friend of mine and the text shocked me.

It said:

Did you know that Robert passed away?  

Robert is a friend of mine from when I was living down in San Diego.  Probably one of the nicest men I’ve ever met.  He was a chiropractor and nutritionist. Thanks to him, I am the healthy guy that you see today.

When I look at the herbs in my kitchen that I take to keep me healthy, happy and feeling good, I’d say about half of them were Robert-inspired.

Apparently Robert passed away last June.  I don’t go down to San Diego that often, so I kinda lost track of him.

When I heard the news I had to stop and take a few deep breaths.  I texted my friend back and I asked how…but I already knew.

He got cancer about four or five years ago.  Didn’t really talk about it that much.  Made it seem like everything was okay.

Apparently it came back, and this time it came back for good.

I remember one of the last conversations we ever had. We’re sitting in a restaurant having lunch.  He allowed himself a piece of bread.

He was always funny about that, always “allowed” himself something.  He really believed in health and nutrition and everything else.  And he believed in treating himself really well.

He had a great outlook on life, and was just a happy person all around.

I remember he looked at me once and said, “Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many herbs you take.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you eat.  Sometimes your number comes up and that’s it.”

Maybe he knew something that I didn’t.

His death blew me away and it made me ask—as tragic events always do:

Am I really spending every day of my life like it’s my last?

We have this feeling in life that we’re invincible.

How many of you honestly, right now while reading this, can say that you love your job?

How many of you honestly can say that your life is everything you wanted it to be?

How many of you are holding off on taking that trip?

How many of you hesitate and say to yourself, “Tomorrow I’m going to talk to that woman.”

What if you knew that tomorrow never existed?  What if you knew that tomorrow wasn’t even a possibility? How many of you would change your mindset if you knew that you had a terminal disease?

There was a study done that said something about people not really beginning to live until they are faced with their impending death.

Sucks, right?

So how many of you will really live your life like it’s your last?

In your social life right now, are you happy?

Did you have a weekend like you thought you were going to have? Did you meet the woman of your dreams? Did you even meet a woman that you liked? Did you even have the guts to talk to women that you like?

On your way to work today, when you were in the coffee shop this morning, did you speak to that woman you were most attracted to?

I want to challenge all of you. I want to challenge all of you to get out of that tomorrow mentality and start doing the things you want—now.

Make a list of everything you want to accomplish this year and actually do it.

How many of you have been thinking about coming to one of my boot camps? Well, this year is my last year of doing them.

There’s going to be no next year.

How many of you been holding off on challenging yourself to reach the next level of your social ability, or your ability to attract the kind of women you want?

I think it’s time to do it.

My friend Robert was the one who told me back in 2003 or 2004, “You got to get your message out there on the Internet. Because if your message is out there on the Internet, you’ll be able to impact so many people.”

So thanks to Robert, I actually got on the Internet and was able to connect with you.

The reason why all of you are reading this e-mail right now is because my friend Robert pushed me to do it.

And it’s too bad that I never got to see him again. I never got to be in his presence again. Too bad I didn’t get to have him in my life longer when I did.

But I appreciate everything that he was and what he taught me.

And he’s inspiring me now, even after his death.

It’s time all of you stopped living your life like you have endless time and started living your life in the present.

How are you going to change your life today?

If you knew your life would be over soon what is the most important thing you would do with your remaining time?

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.