Life is about attitude.

Think about football. Think about the quarterbacks who are successful. The ones that are successful have that attitude – “Fuck you. You picked my pass off? I don’t care. I’m coming back at you again in ten minutes anyway, and I’ll keep doing it.”

Brett Favre is notorious for that. Love him or hate him, he’ll throw so many games away that he plays. He’s 39, and look at his attitude. He’ll throw five interceptions in a game, and he’ll go fade back to pass and just do it again. He doesn’t care.

And all the fans are sitting there, saying, “Oh no! He’s doing it again…” but he just doesn’t care.

You are caring too much, so when you walk over you approach her with an expectation of rejection. You’re like that quarterback that’s fading back to pass and all you’re looking at are the defenders. You might as well just pick the one that you’re going to throw directly to right off the bat.

I don’t feel like I’m bothering anybody when I go over to someone to talk. And no one ever walks away from me.

But I used to feel that same way – that I was bothering someone when I approached them. You’re not bothering them at all.

But when you walk over to them with that concern, you’re bringing that energy with you. Women are feelers. Doesn’t that drive you crazy? They are always feeling and describing those feelings. “I feel this…”

You sit there and you just want to fix everything. “Okay, you’re feeling this way, and here’s the solution…”

So the fact is that women feel your energy. She feels every little bit of your energy as you walk over. She senses your fear.

Animals smell fear, and so do women! We’re basically all just animals, anyway. Think about the noises that people make when they fuck… we’re animals! Just because we’re standing upright doesn’t mean that we’re any better than Daphne. We may not smell each other’s asses, but we’re just like dogs.

So if you walk up to a woman with fear and the expectation of rejection, she’ll know it and you’re done. When you walk over like you don’t give a shit how she reacts, she’ll be responsive. She’ll wonder, who is this guy?

It’s a quantum switch inside your head. And once you make that switch, it’s like a paradigm shift. It’s an amazing shift in what you’ll begin to receive from other people. You’ll get what you want.