I wanted to do some looking through my Facebook feed, and my Instagram feed when I was sitting at JFK awaiting my flight to go back to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

And I was thinking, who are these people?

Who are the people that comment every single day on my posts?

What makes them comment on my posts, and not other people’s posts?

I start looking through Instagram and I saw people following me.

Who are theses people? What makes them follow me over anybody else?

Is it something I said?

Is it something I’ve done?

Social media is still something that I scratch my head at.

Now, I know I need it for business. It’s important to have a group of loyal people who follow you, who will promote you and all that other stuff. And I get that, but…

Who are you?

Who are all you people?

I remember the days before social media. We didn’t “like” things, we got to know people.

Now I post a comment on Facebook and I get a like from somebody that I’ve never met before. And it seems like the same people over and over again. Should I reach out?

Should I try to have a real friendship with them. Or is our limitation just a post, a like, an occasional comment? And that’s all we’re good for?

Social media is so funny to me.

There are some cute women who kind of poke at me, and like me on social media. Does that mean that they like me in real life? Does that mean that they’re interested in real life?

So many questions behind social media. Who are you people?

And why did you start to follow me?

I remember before social media, life was so simple and easy. If you liked somebody, well, you had a crush on them. You did something to get noticed.

Oh, wait a second, I think I solved the dilemma of so many people out there! If someone likes your stuff, they’re actually looking to get noticed by you. Hey, hey, I get it.

It’s just like the olden days when I was in 5th grade, I had a crush on this girl named Kim.

So, I went to school that day because I wanted to finally get noticed by her.

So, what did I do?

Well, I brought a bunch of my sticker collection, and wacky packages for all you people that are as old as I am.

Wacky packages were stickers that made fun of products and things that you could buy in stores, not online.

I went in and she happened to be crying that day, and sat down behind me in her usual seat, and I started giving her stickers.

At the end of the day, I must have give her at least 50 of my Wacky package collection.

And she looked at me, and said, why are you doing this?

Now, don’t forget these are the pre-Facebook days, where I couldn’t actually literally do a virtual like and had to actually say to them in person. Because nowadays, all we need to do is like somebody from afar, and hope that they like us from afar. Until maybe eventually, we connect and meet up, and like each other up close. That’s if we don’t flake on each other, of course.

If we don’t have ridiculously busy schedules.

Or we’re not dating somebody we’re not really happy with.

It’s so confusing, modern society.

So, when this cute 5th grade girl looked at me directly in the eyes and said,

Why are you doing this? I looked at her and said, I don’t know, isn’t that what boys do when they like girls.

She said, you don’t have to.

I got a slap, a face, slap across the face, not virtually, not physically, but emotionally.

I couldn’t go and check out another Instagram girl to make myself feel better.

I couldn’t read some other cute girl’s post and have a virtual crush on her. I had to take that standing up, sitting down, as any powerful 5th grade boy would.

In today’s world, well, we just like people from afar. That’s all we ever do. We don’t like people up close because we’d rather have virtual relationships because they’re far safer than actually put ourselves out there for real relationships.

So, all you people that follow me on social media, do you like me? What does that like actually mean?

Do you like who I am? Do you like what I’m about? Do you like me as a person? Do you want to get to like me in, face to face?

Makes no sense to me, at all.

Anyway, just wanted to vent and rant.