No more apparent than in recent days is the power of the game called the Speculation Game.

Humans love to play this game. It is the favorite game that they play non-stop.

You got on a date with somebody, and you speculate what a text message means or why they didn’t call back.

You see your friends for Sunday brunch and you speculate why your relationship is not going well.

You speculate about jobs, you speculate about the stock market; we speculate about the NFL season. We talk about things in speculation terms all day long.

And the greatest dating game of them all is the political game.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, they just tried to romance America, and Donald Trump won.

He may not have won the popular vote, but he won the electoral vote, and he did it based on emotions. So now everybody is full of emotions, and we are all speculating about all the bad things that are going to happen when Trump is in presidency.

Think about this.

I want you to think of every politician as somebody that you dated that left you feeling empty.

Politicians run on whatever they think will get them elected. Whatever hot button they need to press at the moment.

Whatever topics they need to talk about at the moment to get people to do what? To feel something so they get elected.

Politicians make huge promises and then when they get into office, they come up against congress, and senate, and bills, and legislation, and a lot of the things they talk about, and the promises they make never happen.

The biggest joke of all right now is that Donald Trump, an elitist, is now the president, and all the working class people that work for him that think he is one of them are going to have the biggest shock when they start paying double for goods because there is some crazy import tax put on things coming into the US, and their cost of living goes up because the Donald doesn’t care.

Didn’t really care about the little person. Nobody really does in politics. Politics is all about who they owe, and how they can benefit their friends and themselves.

So we speculate about all the things we think about the Supreme Court and how abortion might be overturned. We speculate about healthcare. We speculate about everything.

A politician is no different than somebody you once dated. The person that came in and promised you so many things, and then six months to a year later you wonder where that Mr. Big Promise or Mrs. Big Promise was.

It is all part of it. And that is a big lesson we need to learn. The more time we spend speculating, the less time we are actually living because we can’t control whatever we speculate.

We can’t control what politicians are going to do in office.

We can’t control what somebody is going to do in a relationship. No matter how hard we try to change somebody, or how many speculation talks we have with our friends. There is no way in the world we are going to be able to control what somebody does.

And that is where we have a choice.

We had a choice who we wanted to date for president. We made our choice, the public spoke, now we need to deal with that and accept it.

We have our choice with who we are going to date. All those endless speculation conversations about why somebody in a relationship is not doing something no matter how many times you ask them is never going to change that person. You can’t speculate in life. You see, in your own personal life, you have 100% power over everything you do.

From the job.

To the lover you pick.

Conversations you will have with friends.

Conversations with coworkers.

In your own personal life, if you want an answer, you can go and ask somebody. If you need something, you can ask.

But if you spend time speculating about why someone is not doing something, my answer has always been this:

Stop the speculation game, and start asking people, and talking, and speaking your authentic truth.

The speculation game is one of the biggest wastes of time ever.

Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, today is all we have.

It is history that Trump was elected.

No matter how you feel, it is over.

Today is all we have, tomorrow is going to be a mystery, we have no idea what he is going to do. We can speculate and talk about it until we are blue in the face, but I find all that energy to be wasteful energy when we could be talking about so many better things.

We can speculate about why your relationship doesn’t work, but the bottom line is: The relationship doesn’t work means you are not communicating your needs wants and desires, or that other person is not fully listening, and you may have chosen the wrong person no matter how much you speculate, or how much you want them to change.

Politicians are just bad dates that we had. They promise lots of things, and they don’t deliver. So use this to your own advantage, your own personal life. The next time someone makes you big promises, and they don’t hold to it, instead of speculating why they are not holding to it, move forward and find somebody who will keep their big promises.