It’s been a long time since I talked about Bush. Obama has been in the office now for what, about 19 or so months now? So I really haven’t attacked Bush in a while.

So today, I decided it was really time to bring bush back. We have a double standard going on out there in the world about bush, just look at how the Heisman Trophy committee treated another famous Bush.

It seems perfectly okay to most men to walk around with the biggest bush in the entire world. At the same time, most men think all women should be shaved, neat, and clean. Some men even like their women to look like ten year olds with no hair down there at all.

Men get angry and irritated if women aren’t totally clean down there. Many men feel totally comfortable, however, walking around with bushes the size of Lawrence Hilton-Jacob’s afro in Welcome Back Kotter. For those of you too young to appreciate Welcome Back Kotter, picture the worst 70’s afro you can possibly imagine. That is what many men are walking around with every day inside their pants.

Then there’s the oral sex double standard when it comes to bush. It’s perfectly okay to most men that a woman who goes down on them ends up spitting pubic hairs for 25 straight minutes. Men will actually get annoyed, however, when women have to pause to remove the pubic hairs from their mouth.

A lot of men won’t even go down on a woman if her bush is as wild as a 70’s afro. Men will ask their friends how they can bring up the issue of shaving with a woman who has a bush like this. Men will even have a ‘shaving party’ with their girl, and bring a razor and shaving cream.

Men will be turned off by the least little bit of hair down there on a woman, but yet so many of those same men walk around with a huge bush. The double standard is unbelievable.

Here are some things to consider for all the men who don’t trim their bush. First, women don’t want to go down on a guy with a huge bush. They don’t want to be swallowing your pubic hairs.

Second, and I swear by this, trimming your bush makes your dick look like it’s an inch longer. Who in the world doesn’t want to appear to have more size? If that doesn’t motivate you and your ego to clean yourself up down there, nothing will.