Have you ever met the “man-girl?” I know you’re thinking to yourself right now, “What is a ‘man-girl?’ What is David talking about today?”

A man-girl is a guy who works out all the time. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking, “But David, YOU work out a lot — and so do I. Are you saying you and I are man-girls?”

No, that’s not what I’m saying. So what does working out have to do with being a man-girl? Ahhhhh, listen up my fellow readers, and let’s go a little deeper into this.

A man-girl is a guy who doesn’t just go to the gym, but who is anal-retentive about it and freaks out whenever he doesn’t get to the gym. If he eats a muffin, or a scone or a piece of cake, he thinks to himself that he is getting a little puffy (or that he probably just put on an extra pound). He’s the guy at Thanksgiving who sits there during the meal and all he can think is, “I can’t wait to get to the gym in the morning.”

That is what a man-girl is. He is a guy who is so obsessed with his body, that if he puts on even a pound or two he feels like he needs to go on a diet right away.

He can’t see past those few pounds; they are all that is going through his mind. That is a man-girl.

I am real man girl call me Tranny

It’s crazy when I hear that. It’s crazy when I hear that from a woman too, actually, because life is too short.

So you pigged out for a couple days or a week. You didn’t go to the gym for a week. Who cares?

If you train your body correctly, then even if you put on two or three pounds in one week, muscle memory will kick in the second you return to the gym and start working out again. Your body will bounce back. It’s a known fact — it really is.

When you are a man who is a man-girl, it is a huge turnoff to women. I was talking to a client the other day who used to date a man-girl. She said that every time he started to talk like this, she used to think, “You’re kidding me, right?” She felt like she was dating a woman instead of a man.

So if you are a guy and you act like this, you need to stop being a man-girl and start being a real man. If you gain a few extra pounds, then go to the gym and do what real men do: cardio! Don’t be such a girl about it.