Own The RoomWhat is the secret to owning the room and creating attraction?

What does owning the room even mean?

Let me explain….

Do you remember the “Where’s Waldo?” books? (And for our European readers the books were called, “Where’s Wally?”

They were a series of pictures books with a massive crowd scene on each page. The idea was to find the books lead character Waldo/Wally, hidden somewhere among the crowd. Some kids are amazing at the books and can pick the guy out within a minute or two, but most people take ages to find the guy on the page. Just in case you haven’t seen a “Where’s Waldo” book, here’s what a page looked like…

Where's Wally

Now imagine trying to pick out one tiny little character on that page!

So what’s my point?

Most guys just blend in with the crowd. Most guys quietly creep through life, doing everything they can to remain un-noticed, and then wonder why women don’t pay them any attention. Most guys spend their life chasing women, instead of it being the other way around.

Here’s a concept I want to introduce you to, and I want you to take it to heart. In life, you should be creating attraction, not chasing attraction. How do you do that? You become an expert communicator, and you develop your natural charisma. Instead of spending all your time trying to learning how to talk to women, you should be learning how to talk to EVERYONE!

Learn To Own The Room

You see, when you can walk into a room, and you can talk to and engage everyone, people start to pay attention to you. When you’re open, friendly, and can laugh and joke with anyone you meet, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to a highflying business exec, or a little old lady on the street, the women you spend all your life chasing will start to chase you.

I teach this concept on all my boot camps, and the guys go nuts when they finally see it in action. I took a couple of private clients into a jewelers shop recently. We were just chatting to one of the girls behind the counter, and suddenly one of the boot camp guys gets confident and starts joking with her about engagement rings, and what one she would choose if a guy was asking to marry her.

She was smiling and joking with us, and the next thing we knew a couple of older lady customers came over and joined in. They were laughing away, saying how lucky a girl would be to have my client guy asking her to marry him. You know what happened next?

A couple of beautiful girls also in the shop saw our little huddle of people, and came over to see what was going on. Within seconds, they were joining in with the conversation too. You should have seen my guy light up. It was amazing. I’m telling you guys. Learn to communicate, learn to light up a room, and the rest becomes so much easier. In the video below, I talk about the concept of owning the room, and you’ll hear another example of the magic of charisma in action. In the meantime, if you want to send your charisma train up the fast track, then grab a copy of “Own The Room” and discover the complete blueprint for creating attraction vs chasing it!