I called someone the other day who was interested in taking one of my Bootcamps. He answered the phone with enthusiasm, “Hey, this is Jack!” I said, “God that’s feels good to hear someone answer that way.”

So many people answer the phone like they’re expecting bad news. They say “Hello” in a mumbled or depressed sounding voice. Other people say “Hello” like they are annoyed or angry, and as if you disturbed them with your call.

It’s funny. Sometimes your first contact with someone is via a phone conversation. How they sound when they answer the phone tells you so much about their personality.

If they answer in that angry tone, you will be thinking “Oops, I’m sorry I annoyed you. Why did you pick up the phone?”

If they answer in that depressed mumbled voice, you’ll be thinking “It sounds like you want to kill yourself today with your pillow. Sorry that you actually picked up the phone.”

How you answer the phone may be the first contact you have with somebody. So do it with enthusiasm.

Don’t yell and scream your “Hello.” When I say to be enthusiastic, I mean that you should just answer the phone with a friendly sounding “Hey,” “Hello” or “Hi.”

If I see on the Caller ID who is calling, I like to answer the phone using the person’s name. “Hey Jim. Thanks for calling me . . . ”

Find your own unique style, but make sure that it’s something that gives the caller the feeling that it was actually a good idea to call you. Be sure the caller doesn’t feel like they are bothering you by calling.

Just a short little tip today that I thought all of you could use. Oh, and next time you call me I’ll say “Hey ________. Great to hear from you!”