Hey, it’s funny. I just got this email from a reader:


Hear you have a private member site that you’re charging like $37 a month for. I’m sure it’s great and all, but $37 bucks a month is really too much money for me to spend at this time in my life. Don’t know how I can justify spending that much or if I even have that much extra every month to spend.

Donny, NY

Donny’s email along with some great news for you (which I’ll fill you in on in a minute) inspired me to write this blog.

I do have a membership site that costs $37.42 per month. For that $37.42 per month, members get access to a load of member-only things including a killer forum, five podcasts per week, four long videos per week, a weekly teleconference, and member-only discounts and promotions.

In addition, all members have 24/7 access to my coaches and individualized coaching. One of the favorite features are my video breakdowns. Four times a week a week I post a 30 minute video me breaking down an audio or video submitted by one of the members. These are like being with me live as I’m coaching a client.

So when Donny wrote me to say that $37.42 a month for all of this was way too much for him to spend at this time in his life, I felt compelled to respond. Let’s talk about $37 a month.

I just had lunch with somebody, and it cost me $37. So $37 is basically like eliminating one lunch. It’s eliminating one night of drinking in a bar. I mean, if you are serious about wanting to go out and meet women, why are you going to deprive yourself of that? This site gives you that opportunity and so much more.

So to Donny and any who have a similar mindset that $37.42 is too much to spend to invest in yourself and for this, I’m calling you out on your shit. The fact of the matter is that if Donny was really serious about meeting women, he could find a way to make the $37 happen. It’s just another excuse, and I’m tired of excuses.

So anybody who’s serious about learning to meet and connect with women can join me on my membership site. The rest of you can just continue to learn from the blog. For those of you who do and give me attitude about wanting something more for free than I already give, though, I don’t have the time or patience to care about those who don’t respect my time.

In today’s podcast, I am going to issue a challenge you like none other . . . and you will look at yourself in a way you never have before. I also reveal a SPECIAL OFFER in this podcast, so be sure to check it out!

Click the play button below to listen now:

Now for that great news I referenced earlier…

==>Big Announcement<==

As some of you already know, my membership maxed out and has been full since soon after it launched. In fact, we had to put everyone who wasn’t able to get a slot on a waiting list.

Well, due to me hiring an additional coach I am now able to accept an additional 125 Members on the membership site! (Because of all the individual coaching and personalized attention that members receive on the site, I strictly limit the number of members in proportion to the number of coaches)

If you want one of those slots, click here:

Once those 125 slots have been snatched up, the site will once again close and I will once again have to put everyone else on a waiting list. So if you want one of these slots, I wouldn’t wait too long to click on the link!