I get tons of emails from both men and women asking me one major question: “David, What can I do to meet more people?” Then these emails usually will go on to explain all of the places they go just to meet people. They’ll say, “I just can’t figure it out. I go to bars. I go to parties. I go to all the “it” places. But I just don’t know why I am not meeting more people.”

Here is what I tell everyone who asks me that question. I don’t go to any of those places. I don’t go to bars. I don’t go to the “it” clubs. I just do what I want.

Do you know what I do? It is going to sound really boring to you. So let me give you an example of a typical Friday, a day I decided to take off.

I went and saw my friend Barry, who owns a clothing store, and I hung out with him for a while. I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and talked to all the wait staff. Then I ran to Whole Foods to get some fruit and other groceries for the house, and I ended up talking to a bunch of people there.

I next went to CVS to get toilet paper and paper towel, and talked to some people there. Then I got a call from a friend who wanted to go buy a book, so he and I went to Barnes & Noble and ended up talking to the person behind the register for a while.

I took my dog for a walk after that, and talked to some more people while doing that. Then I realized I had forgotten to get something at Whole Foods, so I went back to pick that up and ended up talking to more people there.

Do you see how many people I met and talked to just doing one day’s worth of errands? If you want to meet more people, this is what it’s all about.

It is about doing what your normally do. It doesn’t make a difference what those things are.

You don’t need to go out and do anything “special” just to meet people. You don’t have to be miserable standing in a bar with your hands in your pockets. You will always be miserable in there because you don’t enjoy being there.

If you go out and talk to people all day long in the everyday places you go, you are going to meet and connect with more people than you ever imagined. Every time you go out and do this, you are going to keep building your social network.

Every time you go to those same places, you will start running into the same people, and you will get to know them better. As you get to know those people better, you will start to get to know their friends.

So stop thinking about trying to go places to get a date, and start thinking about all the great people you can meet every day. What happens when you do this is that you end up finding dates.

You end up connecting with people. You end up meeting their friends.

I don’t ever do anything extraordinary. My life is actually kind of boring, but yet I meet the most interesting people doing what I do — which is mostly running my errands.

My daily routines are so exciting, that going out is actually boring to me. I have such a good time talking to people wherever I go, that I don’t have fun when I go out and watch people afraid to talk to each other.

So for those of you who want to know how to meet more people, you need to really have a different perspective on life. It’s all about communicating wherever you go.

It’s amazing how you will build up your social network when you do that. As I tell you all the time, you are only as strong and powerful as your network.