What a great group of men at this bootcamp, we’ve been having such a blast so far! This morning we were at Borough Market in London meeting new people, engaging so many interesting women, and generally just having a great time and sending out a great vibe.

The food at Borough Market is always fantastic. I’m such a food guy too, what I really wanted to do was sample some of everything. I wanted one big, gigantic combination plate of the best food that the market has to offer.

I love a good combo platter. You know, when you have a little bit of vegetables, a little bit of protein, maybe a little bit of rice or pasta. Then you get dessert to go with it, you get a little bit of chocolate, maybe something a little salty thrown in there, and then maybe a cookie also.

A combo platter works great, it really hits the spot for me. But what am I talking about here, a combo platter? Go ahead, I want you to think back to all your relationships. You know when you think to yourself, “If only I could combine all of my past relationships into one, I could make the most perfect person to be in a relationship with. If I take a little bit of her here, and a little bit of her over here, and little bit of her too, then I’d have exactly what I’m looking for.”

Men and women, we’re both guilty of it. So many times we go through this process in our heads, especially right when we’re ending a relationship. We think to ourselves, “Man, I was so close! I really almost got it right this time… Now if I could just combine my last two relationships, take the best from each of them and put them in a blender, I’d have the perfect person!”

Here’s the deal: there’s no perfect person in the world. But there are perfect people for you. And every single time you feel this way, that you almost had the perfect person, you need to dig a little deeper. You need to realize that the reason you’re getting close but not close enough is for one reason. The one reason is that you’re not being specific in what you want yet and you’re still learning about what it is you really want. You’re learning whether or not you like the spontaneous-type person, or you like the person who’s highly sexually charged, or you like the person that really likes to stay home and make a wonderful dinner, or whatever it is.

What you’re doing is you’re learning by experience who your particular perfect person is, you’re learning about which person is going to satisfy you the most. In each relationship, you’re learning about the person you’re with and what you really want in a partner, but most importantly, that person you’re learning about the most is yourself.

So enjoy the ride because it’s an amazing process. It would be way too easy if we could just take an arm from somebody, a heart from somebody, a brain from somebody else, beautiful hair from this person, and the body from this other person and put it in a blender and make that perfect delicious puree. But it doesn’t work that way. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t want the instant perfect fix, you never want to skip the process. The process is a wonderful thing, it’s what makes it all worthwhile. So keep digging away in that process, keep learning about the wonderful people out there, and keep learning about yourself.