I think it is the perfect time to talk about instant gratification. It seems like every year when New Year’s Day hits, people are always looking for instant gratification.

People decide on some New Year’s resolutions, and then expect that everything will just instantly change. It’s almost as though people believe that the act of making the resolution is enough to create the change in their lives that they want . . . and that it will happen the minute they make the resolution.

Say my resolution is to meet more women. So I figure I ought to go out there and meet them. I spend about a week trying to meet more women, but yet nothing is happening. I am no more successful at meeting women than I was before I made the resolution. Why?

The reason is that nothing in life changes instantly. Nothing.

Just because the calendar changes, does not mean that all of your own habits and mindset have changed. Your habits and mindset are still the same as they were.

The calendar changing has nothing to do with whether you change. That is why I talk about people needing to do things every day to work toward a goal. To achieve any goal or “resolution,” you need to do something every day toward achieving it.

Stop evaluating yourself. Stop beating yourself up. If you don’t reach your goal that day, it is okay.

You need to realize that just because the calendar changes to a new year, doesn’t change how you will achieve your goals. You still need to start somewhere and sometime, and the best place to start is today and right now.