Today I want to talk about how I live my life compared to how other people might. I call it “Inconsistency vs. Consistency in Life”.

When I sat down to write my new book, Naked, I realized that I was writing to a very diverse audience. Some of you live on the coast, some of you live in the middle of the country. Some of you live in Europe, some of you live in Japan. But all of us have very different lives and we have different choices to make every single day on how we’re going to live our lives.

Some of us love consistency, like waking up at the crack of dawn everyday. We like to have the same exact food every single morning. Or going for the same walk, and then we take our nap at the same exact time every day. At night we like to go to bed at the same time after we watch our favorite Sesame Street or Sponge Bob show.

And then, some of you thrive on inconsistency. You prefer to go with the flow, or with how you’re feeling in the moment.

You’ve got to realize what your consistencies and your inconsistencies are because you’ll need to find somebody that will be able to embrace the way in which you choose to live your life. If you’re someone who consistently lives your life by a schedule, then you can’t be with somebody like me who loves inconsistency.

I like to wake up at different times every single day. I like to start my day off differently every single day. I don’t really enjoy my life when it’s the same every single day. I don’t like to go on the same vacations at the same time each year. I like to go for a beach vacation one month and then, six months later, go on a city vacation.

And when I sat down to write Naked I realized that there’s no way in the world that people will ever be able to meet their perfect match if they don’t know about their consistencies and inconsistencies. There’s no way in the world they’ll be able to do it or figure it out. Because what happens in life and who you meet is a reflection of how you conduct your life.

So let’s think today. Are you a consistent person or an inconsistent person? When it comes down to all your mannerisms in life, do you fully embrace and love every single one of them? Are there things that you would like to change? It is very important.

Before you go and go out and date people, figure out who you are first; that’s what’s really important.

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