I recently sent out a survey to my subscribers about a new product I’m developing for you guys, and one of the questions I asked was, “What are you looking for in your relationship life?”

In responding to the survey, one subscriber wrote a great statement:

Whenever I successfully have a girlfriend, it never goes over two months. I am looking for a relationship for a long time and to learn about love.

Getting a girlfriend is really only part of the equation. Learning how to have a meaningful relationship is the whole thing. I have said this to guys so many times, and to women as well. But especially men who are in this situation. So many men spend so much time learning the skills on how to approach women, how to meet women, talk to them and get a phone number, but spend virtually no time at all learning how to have a relationship. That’s where all the work comes in.

All the work comes in when you have a relationship with someone. Eventually, every person will meet a partner. As my good friend in the car business said, “There is an ass for every seat”

I truly believe that there is a person out there for everybody. What I have found in all my years of coaching is that most people don’t prepare themselves for when that relationship happens down the road. To me, that part is huge.

I have said that in blogs so many times before. When I talk about relationship advice, some people will inevitably say, “Oh man, David, why are you writing this? We are here to meet people so we can go on dates, not listen to you talk about relationships with the opposite sex.”

Really? Because if you are not looking at the complete picture, what happens when you finally do meet somebody? You don’t know how to have a relationship with them. You don’t understand what romance is, and you don’t understand how to keep them intrigued. You don’t understand exactly what it means to be needy or desperate, is the best way to put it.

You’ll continue to get into a relationship for a month or two months, then blow it. Then get in another relationship for a month or two, then blow it again. You only understand how to keep them for two months because your partner loses interest in you right away. Why? Because you don’t know how to cultivate the relationship and make it a romantic journey for the both of you.

Here’s a plug for a product, guys. Check out this relationship product I have. It takes you through the first 90 days of a relationship. The crucial first 90 days. I don’t care if you’re not in a relationship right now, I don’t even care if you can’t even approach people right now.

You have got to be prepared in all aspects of your life: physically, emotionally, and sexually. Because if you are not, then you are just going to blow chance after chance after chance and be like the guy above.