I want you to look at the phrase “In-And-Out” and I immediately want you to think about what it means to you.

For Californians, as well as people who live in Arizona and Nevada, In-And-Out could be the most incredible double burger you’ve ever eaten in your entire life.

Taking that first bite of that In-And-Out burger.

Tasting their special sauce.

Eating that crispy French fry.

And from what I’ve heard, indulging in their oh so delicious milkshakes.

For a lot of you, In-And-Out could be the way you perform in your sex life.

Guys, you go in, you feel how warm, moist, and tight she feels, and then literally you go out 30 seconds later because you can’t help yourself from being the jackrabbit that you think she likes.

But secretly when she hangs out with her friends, she can’t stand your so-called “technique.” You don’t want, in sexual terms, to be called Mr. In And Out.

It’s actually the last thing you’ll ever want to hear from your girl or their girlfriends.

Ok, now for still some more of you, In-And-Out is the way you look at life.

Sometimes you’re in, and sometimes you’re out. You make quick decisions. You want to do something, you’re either in or you’re either out. There’s no debating, there’s no thinking it through. You’re spontaneous, you live life, and you literally are either in or out.

I’m like that in a lot of ways when I come down to doing things. I’m either excited about it and in, or I’m out.

In business, some of you make split second decisions about whether you’re in or out. You don’t care if you’re right or wrong. You just feel a decision and intuitively you’re either in or out.

For those of you who are truly present, you can go to the beach and watch the waves go in and out, and in and out. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch the waves go in and out, because the waves are literally just like life.

They come in with force and they go out gently.

The next wave comes in with force, and the next wave comes out gently.

If you think about so many things in life, those things are scary at first. But then you realize that, once you conquer it, they’re as gentle as the waves literally going back out into the ocean.

So what I want you to do today is this. Think about what the words “In-And-Out” really mean to you.

When you hear that phrase, what words come through to you and what resonates the most? Maybe you’ve got your own version of it as well.