I just got an email from a woman who inspired me to immediately sit down and write this blog. Since it’s Saturday, and I hope all of you will be out there enjoying the weekend and meeting all sorts of people, I thought this was the perfect time to answer this woman’s question (since it is one of the MOST common questions I get from women).

This woman’s question was this: “David, How do I get a man to look? How can I get a man’s attention?”

In my Art of Attracting Men program, I go into great depth about men’s mindset, how they are wired and how they think. What I want to do in this blog, though, is give women some things they can do in almost any place they go to get a man to look.

Let’s start off with a place I know each and every one of you go at some time or other: the supermarket. A guy could be standing at the counter ordering a meatloaf sandwich. You can walk up to that guy and say “Hey, I was wondering. Are the sandwiches good here?”

Men are all about giving their opinion. They want to show off and be the expert. The way that men show off is by sharing their knowledge. Telling you all the facts and all about everything is what men love to do.

Even if a woman goes to a coffee shop where she’s ordered the same coffee drink a hundred times, she should still say to a guy there she wants to meet “Hey, I’m curious. Is the coffee good here?” Let the guy ramble and talk. Be interested. Smile.  Laugh at what he says.  Be open to everything that he’s saying.  

You help the man validate himself through this process, because you cared about his opinion. That is what gets a man’s attention. That’s what turns on a man. That’s what gets a man interested in a woman.  

If a woman is standing in a hotel lobby, she can say to a man “I’m curious, do you know which is the best restaurant in this hotel?” Once again, it’s getting a man’s opinion.

If a woman is standing by the subway tracks waiting for the train, she could say to a man “I was wondering. How long you have been waiting?”

In a automotive garage or auto store a woman can say to a man “I don’t know what kind of tires I need. Can you help me?”

When a woman is at a gas station, there are a couple of different things she can say. She can ask a man at the pump next to her “I’m curious. What octane gas should I get?” Or she can say something like “I’m curious. I’ve always wanted an Audi. Do you like yours?”

At the guy, a great way to talk to a man there is to ask him this: “I was wondering, can you help me with this machine? I’ve never used it before.”

As a woman, you’re actually being very helpful to men when you ask for their help because men always want to help. Woman who have more masculine energy always forget that men want to help women.  They’re automatic impulse is to say “I don’t need help. I can do everything myself.” You can, but it’s okay to let guys help you out too.

It gives them a purpose. By letting them have that, it helps them feel more masculine. When men feel more masculine, it encourages them to take the lead because you’ve tapped into their biological desire to provide. So don’t hesitate not only to ask for a man’s opinion, but also for his help.