There’s one thing deterring you from having a real, genuine relationship. I’m going to tell you what that is right now, and the thing is it’s not at all shocking, but it is a huge block when it comes to having real relationships.

Your fucking texting.

I can’t put it any other way except as simply as that. If I offended you by cursing then so be it. I’m glad that I did.

Your texting is destroying any intimacy you may be creating.

Texting is Not a Conversation

relationshipWhen people tell me that they’re having relationships and they’re getting into great text conversations, I’m sorry, but that is not a conversation at all. As a matter of fact, that stuff shouldn’t even count as a conversation because you’re missing some of the key ingredients that a real conversation actually has:

  • Voice inflection.
  • Feeling somebody’s voice when you speak to them is one of the most powerful things you can do so you can relate better.
  • A pause.
  • Conversations that happen in the moment that aren’t thought out via text.
  • Listening to each other, laughing, hearing each other.

We have become a society of lazy daters.

All of you are so lazy and you wonder why so many of these relationships, so many people that you meet, flake out and vanish.

You want to know why? Because you have nothing invested in a text relationship.

Nothing at all. You’re not building emotion.

You’re not building intimacy.

It’s the lazy man’s way of dating and connecting.

And, don’t get me wrong, women are doing it too, so I’m calling all of you out.

People are not putting themselves out there anymore. That’s the number one reason why people are single.

Texting, hiding behind the phone, is something you can easily do on a daily basis that prevents intimacy, but more importantly, it prevents you from getting hurt.

Don’t Miss Out on a Relationship Because You’re Hiding

Words on a screen mean nothing when you spend time and energy and actually talk to somebody on the phone.

It’s easy to hide behind your screen.

It’s easy to send out texts because there’s nothing vulnerable about them.

If you desire a relationship and really want meet somebody that you’re interested in, I strongly suggest you start communicating on the telephone, getting to know who they are, getting to know what they’re all about. Not just going out on an occasional date and then figuring it out that way.

Texting takes the vulnerability and intimacy out of things. It’s the most overused way of communication out there and it’s not even a great way to communicate.

I’m as guilty as anybody else. I can be the lazy texter as well.

I can meet somebody and just get into a text conversation instead of picking up the phone. I am guilty as charged.

But I also realize that’s probably the reason why I have not had a relationship in a long time. I haven’t formed any real connection with anyone.

If you’re going to text, there are definitely some texting guidelines you should follow. But, really, the better choice is to actually talk to the woman you want.

Text conversations are disposable and we’ve allowed people to be disposable. This is why so many of you are not having relationships.

There’s no vulnerability at all, it’s safe, it’s simple. If someone doesn’t text you back, you don’t have emotions invested in it, so it doesn’t really matter. With texting, you can overanalyze every single conversation, you can time your answer, you can wait and play games, which a lot of people do.

Waiting hours to text somebody back to make it look like you’re not needy or not available is a game, folks, and it’s a game that’s killing intimacy and relationships all over the place.

We’re here to love one another; we’re here to connect with one another; we’re not here to hide behind our phones 24/7. The nerds that invented the phone, the tech geeks that invented it, got their wish because they were people who usually couldn’t connect with other people, so now they’ve made the whole world disconnected. Now we’re playing on their field, their game, and not the game we used to play.

It’s time to start opening your mouth, calling people on the phone, and getting emotionally invested in something. Let yourself be vulnerable. Otherwise, you’re going to have a series of relationships that go absolutely nowhere. They’re not even relationships, a series of textual conversations. Textual attraction.

Stop being such a wimp, and put yourself out there. If you really want a relationship, stop texting!