Have you ever seen the movie The Sixth Sense in which the little kid utters that now famous line, “I see dead people?” I sometimes feel like I see bullshit.

I read my emails every day and I listen to what people are saying, but when I read between the lines what I really see is bullshit. Every day someone emails me and tells me that they can’t do something, or they won’t do something or that change is too hard.

The truth is that they don’t want to do the work because the work is too hard. A lot of people are lazy. A lot of people don’t want to do the work.

A friend of mine has been complaining for the last fifteen years about how fat he is. Every year when I go see him in Manhattan he complains about this and tells me that he needs to lose weight.

Then he’ll go on some miracle 48 hour diet expecting it to fix the problem. I tell him all the time that if he’d just go to the gym and do cardio four days a week, that he will lose weight. I tell him that if he’d just eat healthy that he would look good.

I’ve had this same conversation with him probably at least one thousand times, but he’s always looking for the miracle cure to the problem. We’re all looking for the miracle cure, which is why I see bullshit.

There is no miracle cure to losing weight. The only way to lose weight and get great muscle tone is to work out.

There is no miracle cure for anything. There is no miracle way to meet men or women unless you practice and do the things necessary to develop the muscles in your brain (your personality and inner confidence).

There are no shortcuts. So when I find a person who is looking for a shortcut or who falls for shortcuts, I usually say to them “I see bullshit.” I see bullshit every single day.

You want to be a great lover? What you need to do is practice. How do you practice? You learn, you read and you practice with people. You open yourself up and you tell the truth.

I recently had a client at a Bootcamp who is a fantastic guy, but didn’t have much sexual experience at all. I told him he needed to practice. I told him to find some great women that are attracted to him and learn how to be a great lover.

You’re never going to become great at anything unless you practice. Ask any athlete about this and they will tell you the same thing.

Do you think Lance Armstrong wanted to ride his bike 35 miles every day? No, he didn’t. Do you think Peyton Manning wants to throw the same route over and over again to Reggie Wayne in practice when he’s already done it 10,000 times already? Probably not.

I remember reading on the Internet one time that Peyton Manning had thrown something like 123 touchdown passes to Marvin Harrison. Really, though, he’s thrown over 10,000 touchdown passes to him if you count all the times he’s thrown those same passes to him in practice (so that those passes would be successful in the games).

Do you want things in your life to work for you? Then you’ve got to work at it.

Whether you want to lose weight, meet women or be a better lover doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to achieve in life, you need to go out and practice. You need to work hard.

You need to be willing to do things you’ve never done before. Otherwise, all you’re going to hear me say is, “I see bullshit.”