I was watching ESPN the other day while I was working out.

Watching an ex-Washington Redskins defensive back, Deangelo Hall, who was talking all about Kirk Cousins.

For those who don’t know who Kirk Cousins is, he is about to become the highest-paid quarterback in football. Whether he deserves it or not is open to debate. It’s all about the market.

In the history of the NFL, there is never a franchise quarterback that comes on the market during free agency in his prime. The last one to do so was Drew Brees.

Payton Manning was older when he became a free agent, and he only had a few years left. Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins were in their prime.

So, it is very rare to see that happen.

Deangelo Hall, who is also a free agent, stated on ESPN that Kirk Cousins wasn’t all in.

He was judging him. Yet, Deangelo Hall is also a free agent at this time, as well. He talked about not being all in meaning that he just wasn’t all in. He just felt like he could go somewhere else.

Wait a second. The Redskins didn’t offer him a he’s playing on franchise tag for two years.

He was showing up, he was competing all the time. He was all in, because if he wasn’t all in, and not playing well, he wouldn’t get paid a larger contract, or maybe the Redskins would step up.

It’s funny how people will be hypocrites, because here is Deangelo Hall, who is also a free agent, and I’m sure the Redskins are offering him less money, but yet he’s a free agent, because I guess he’s not all in.

We judge people.

We judge people based on what they’re doing in situations.

Why do we do this? Why do we waste so much time being hypocritical, judgmental people, when we don’t even know what is truly going on in somebody’s life to cause them to do the things that they’re doing?

We like to judge people because we like to talk about people. We love to talk about others. For some reason or another, it’s interesting to talk about others.

For some reason or another, it makes us happy to judge other peoples’ lives, to critique other peoples’ lives, and to just be a hypocrite; to literally do the same thing that we’re judging people on.

I don’t really like judging people.

I do it for a living.

I actually judge people on how they act, I judge people on what they’re doing, I judge people on why they’re not meeting the right person, but I’m not actually judging them, I’m actually evaluating them to help them grow.

I’m evaluating them to help them excel.

I’m evaluating them to help them reach new heights in their lives.

The rest of the world is most likely judging.

When you are judging somebody, are you actually inspiring them to be better, or are you judging them based on the same behavior you probably have, because that’s what we do. The behaviors that we don’t like in ourselves we tend to judge in others, and we tend to be judgmental, because we don’t see it in ourselves, or we’re not fully awake that we do it to ourselves.

So stop wasting so much time judging others.

Stop being so hypocritical, and honestly, just let people be, man, to live their life. Let them do their thing. You don’t know anybody until you walk in their shoes, and you never will, because you’ll never be able to do a body transformation, so just, as the Beatles said, just let it be.