Do you remember when we were in high school?

Do you remember making out with a girl and going back to your friends afterwards and telling them what base you got to?

Remember, first base was kissing, second base was breasts, third base was fingering her, and fourth base was going all the way.

A home run.

Remember how we constantly always compared it to a game.

“Dude, man, I got to second base tonight, it was great.”

Or, “Wow, I made it all the way to third!”

That was a child’s game. I want to talk about how baseball can help you not only get laid, but meet women.

Here’s the deal: if a baseball player goes to bat ten times in a week and gets three hits, he is basically batting .300 for the week.

If he does it over the course of a month and over the course of the season, he is actually a .300 hitter, and that’s considered a good thing.

If he can do that for 10 or 15 years in the Major Leagues—batting .300 consistently—he is a hall of famer.

Let’s look at your life right now:

You go out and you approach three women and you get rejected and you quit and tell yourself that it didn’t work, that you’re not good at this.

But if you approach ten women, and one says yes, then you’re essentially batting .100 for the day.

What happens if you persist and approach 10 women the next day, 10 the next day, and 10 the next day?

You’ll get better—your batting average will go up.

Right now, I consider myself a Hall of Famer when it comes to meeting women. I went out there and approached and talked to women every single day.

You see, life is about percentages. If you go out and only approach one woman per week, I guarantee you there is no way in the world you are going to get good at this.

If you go out and approach 10 a week, I guarantee you will get better. Maybe the results won’t be good at first; maybe you will be in a slump; maybe you will bat .0 for the week.

But if you go out there and do this over and over again as professionals do, then you’ll start getting better at it.

The more you practice the more powerful you become.

Go out there and treat your dating life like a professional baseball player.

You may never make it to the Hall of Fame, but I’m sure you’ll hit a few great home runs.