Tip on recognizing body language by David Wygant

I’ve received a lot of emails from women lately wondering “Is this man sitting across from me attracted to me?” There are a few ways to know if a man is attracted to you.

1) He’s going to be leaning into you as you talk.
2) His eyes are going to be fixated on you.
3) When you get up from the table and walk to the bathroom, turn around really quickly . . . If he’s attracted to you, he will be checking out your ass as you’re walking away from him. And yes you can catch him and throw a smile back at him by using the quick turn around.
4) He will start talking about sex at some point during the course of the evening. If a man is attracted to a woman, he will not be able to resist talking about sex with her.
5) He will reach over and touch you once or twice, maybe on the arm, just to see if you’re going to react back to him.
6) Another thing he’ll be saying is he’ll be saying “we” a lot . . . He’ll be saying “we need to do this” and “we need to do that.” He’s trying to get information out of you to see if he and you are going to become a “we.”

Men are like Scooby Doo . . . They need to be rewarded. In another blog we’ll show you how to take the attraction further.

These are some clues to know if a man is attracted to you. Here’s one last clue. If he doesn’t stop looking at you the entire night . . . if he doesn’t check out any other women around the room the entire night — then you’ve got him hooked!

OK Ladies now its your turn. Its time you shared all of your attraction secrets with the men of this blog.

What do you do when you are oozing with attraction on a date with a man?

What are some of the clues that you want to be kissed?

What are some of the things you might say to tell him that you want him in your bed that night?

Have fun with this one…I know the men will love to hear all about this.