Talking to WomenI’ve been getting so many e-mails from you guys lately asking the same thing.  It seems like the summer of the silent man.

The question every single day is, “How should I talk to women?”

If you start from that position you’re never going to get anywhere. Everyone; men and women, are all completely individual depending on where they’re from, what they do, and what their upbringing was like. The key to being a great communicator is learning how to connect with people naturally.

If you live in a small town or suburban area you’re going to have things to talk about. There’s that familiarity you get in small towns. People tend to know the same places, and often share common friends.

If you live in the City people are a little more disconnected so you have to connect based on common experiences, rather than local familiarity. Maybe you start talking to someone in a diner queue and complain about how long it’s taking to get a seat. You’re sharing a common experience.

Obviously everyone is different, but being a natural communicator is about observing and connecting in that present moment. When it comes to how to talk to women, forget pick-up lines; they don’t work!

In order to connect with women, you need to learn how to connect with EVERYBODY. You need to become a master communicator.  To become a master communicator you need to look at what’s around you.

Those who followed me for a while know I’m all about the observations. When I was in Chicago this weekend with a friend we were hanging out. All we did was observe, talk, and connect with people. It’s one of the greatest things ever because you don’t need to work on pick-up lines. You have lines right in front of you.

Say you live in the suburbs and there’s this woman in the supermarket. She’s with a kid. You’re with your kid. You’re a single dad. She’s a single mom. It’s very easy to communicate. You start talking to her kid. How old is he? What’s his name?

Everything is an observation. Everything is in the moment. In order to become a master communicator you need to perfect the moment.  There’s no magic, guys. It’s about being present. It’s about really connecting to people, where they are, and what they’re all about.

Doesn’t matter if you live in a small town, big town, or wherever else. If you want to know how to talk to women my biggest piece of advice would be drop the pick-up lines. Life’s happening all around you, and it gives you everything you need to become a great natural communicator. I’ll talk about this more later in the week.