scoring the best car dealRecently I bought a new car.

Between you and I, I’m so bummed that it’s over.

I was so enjoying the process, going to car dealerships, driving the car, looking at the car.

Driving other cars comparing the cars, staring at cars on the road, color and everything.

I’m a huge BMW fan.

And I truly believe that you can drive a BMW at the same price as a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited.

Why? Because it’s all about dealing.

You see, in order to get the best deal, you’ve got to be willing to walk away.

You’ve got to be able to literally go back over and over again. The way I’ve always gotten the best deal is I go back four or five times.

They’ll start at a price, which I’ll negotiate. Then I know they’ll get cheaper and cheaper. The more you go back in there, the more they know you’ll want it, but they’ll also know you’ll walk away. So I trigger something in them, and eventually they’ll make a deal. You’ll catch them on the right Tuesday afternoon, they haven’t sold a car that day. They’re willing to make a little less in order to get the sales going again. It’s no different than any other business.

You catch me on the right day, and I might discount one of my high end coaching programs. Why? I’m having a slow day, I’m having a slow month. So if you’ve been thinking about coaching with me, and you’ve e-mailed me several times, talk to me. Maybe I’m having a slower day. And I might actually give you that deal. You never know.

That’s how it works. You could do the same thing with a piece of clothing in a store run by the owner. You do the same thing with appliances. There’s always room for negotiation in everything. I’ve gone back to CB2, which is a Crate and Barrel store, and you know what? They ended up selling me a floor sample because I’ve gone back there and they’ve said, something just came in that you’ll love.

Maybe it doesn’t work in Maxx stores or other big stores like that, but then again you can also get the educational discount.

It works. Because people know that you’re willing to walk away. And as a sales person, they want to get you. They can have the best car, the best coaching program in the world, but if you’re not buying it, it triggers something in them. They wonder how they can make you buy from them. They want to win: the big win mentality.

It makes them want to win. It’s a game. It’s all type A personalities that are in sales, especially high ticket sales. So they want to feel like they got you because they know you’re shopping with other dealers. They know you’re going out there and looking at other cars.

So they want to be the one to sell you. They want to be the one to get you. So they’ll be willing to lower prices on deals.

I always end up with really amazing car deals. I’m driving a BMW right now for less than a friend of mine who’s driving his Jeep two wheel drive Grand Cherokee. My car has got a $15,000 higher sticker price on it.

It’s got more options, it handles better, it drives better, and it’s a prettier car, in my opinion.

I was driving a 7 series that I got rid of.

I love the car. It was like driving a big boat, and it was a really nice. I enjoyed it. But my lease was up, and I didn’t want to spend $800 a month. Granted, the $800 I was spending was actually a deal, it was a steal of a deal. Because that’s an $85,000 car that I put no money down on and was $800 a month on. How? Because deals come and I know how to work them.

If I can make a living teaching you how to come up with deals, I’d be happy. Because it’s so much fun to negotiate. So much fun to play.

If you’re looking for some coaching, e-mail me five to six to seven times on my high-end packaging. Tell me you’re shopping around a little bit and allow me to try to win your business. Because I know from all the coaching programs that are out there in this industry, I’m better than all of them. I know that because I’ve been doing this 20 years. I’m about solutions. I’m about selling a great program. A great product.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.