leaving a partyOne of the things I love doing is noticing the little differences between men and women. It’s so funny because in so many ways we’re almost identical in our behaviors, yet in other ways; it’s as if we’re literally completely different species.

Recently I had a little get together at my house with some friends. Over the course of the night, I noticed a funny little quirk some women have when they’re leaving a party of some other event. When a woman leaves a party, it’s as if she has this huge sense of guilt. Stay with me here…

They almost apologize for leaving. “I’m really sorry I have to leave. It’s been a rough day in the office. We didn’t eat before we got here so we need to get some food. I’m having problems at home etc etc.”

Women always give this full explanation about why they’re leaving the party. It’s actually very funny to watch. I can feel their discomfort when they start to leave. So what? You’re leaving. That’s fine. It’s no big deal. People do leave parties you know. As long as you’ve had fun and made an effort to socialize, nobody minds if you go home.

Men don’t have any problem leaving a party. It’s like, “Hey, I need to split. I’m going to bed.” Or “There’s football on. I don’t want to miss it. Thanks for having me.”

No fluff. It’s quick and to the point. Guys just get on their horse and they’re out of there. It’s just another one of the many little differences between men and women. I hadn’t thought about it all that much before. It was when this woman was leaving my house the other night, I realized how funny it actually is. Instead of telling me she’d had a good time and had to go, she gave a long drawn out explanation. It’s so awkward to listen to. I call it the awkward party moment.

It’s great having manners, but stop worrying about offending people. Your party host doesn’t expect you to stay the night. Unless of course it’s a sleep over and then you better have a good excuse for leaving early.

So relax ladies. Drop the explanation. If you want to leave the party, you leave. Parties should be about having a great time, not panicking about what you’re going to say when you leave. The next time you go to a party, listen to people as they’re leaving and see if you spot the same thing I did. It’s a blast.