Cooking is a mystery to most men.

But cooking for a woman can make it the most sensual evening you’ll ever have.

You can make it even better by making it a cook-off.

Invite her over and then give her a test: tell her to bring zucchini, carrots, red bell peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes.

She’ll wonder what’s going on.

Then tell her:

“I got the rest of it covered.  You just bring that over and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Then get a bottle of red wine.  You get a little bit of brown rice.  And you get a protein.

The easiest protein to cook with is shrimp.  Piece of cake.  You can even cheat and get already-cooked shrimp and throw it in the broth.

Your sauce: very, very simple.  A little bit of garlic, a little bit grape seed oil, a little bit of white wine.  A little bit of masala, a little bit of paprika, a little bit of sea salt and some black pepper.  And that’s it.  Maybe add a little bit of broth in there, too.

When she comes over, get a bottle of wine cranking.

It’s open.  Breathing.

You’ve got candles lit and you’ve got great music playing softly in the background.

She hears the music.  She sees the candles.  And she sees you in the kitchen.

She’s excited.

Cooking is a great way to basically exchange fluids, bodily of course, while you’re cooking.  And it’s a great way to rub up against one another and just touch and be playful.

Then give her a task.  Say, “Alright, take all that stuff you just bought and throw it on the counter. Here’s your knife. Start chopping.”

And she starts chopping.  Meanwhile, you’ve already chopped up the garlic.  You’ve already chopped up the onion.

You take the oil, you take the garlic, you take the onions, and you throw it in a pan.  And then she starts throwing the vegetables in one by one.

You’ve already got the shrimp done because you’ve been cheating.  Meanwhile, you’re drinking a little bit of wine.  She’s got some wine in her on an empty stomach.

Next thing you know, you’ve cooked a great meal.  You’ve got candles.  You’ve got great music.  And you’ve got wine.

That to me is the simple way to impress her.  Not only that, whenever you cook for a woman, you’re going to get laid.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.

So take that to the bank and enjoy.