Lets talk today about manscaping.

About a month ago, I grabbed this new razor from Norelco called the Senso Touch. It’s an electric razor that kind of slides up and down all over your face. It can be wet, it can be dry, basically whatever you prefer. We do not talk enough about grooming here but once in a while its a great topic to go over the ups and downs of manscaping!

Guys, I have to say, I’ve never liked electric razors. Never enjoyed using one before in my life. It just feels like every little hair on my beard is being pulled right off of my face. It always drove me crazy whenever I tried to shave with an electric razor. Plus, I would always miss all the hairs on the side of my neck with the damn thing! Its not like I’m the hairiest person in the entire world. It’s not like I’m Wolf-Man or anything.

My beard isn’t the thickest, either, but electric razors just never really do the job.
I have to say though, I’ve been using the Norelco Senso Touch here and there for the past month, and it’s just an amazing shave. Not only does it work as opposed to other electrics I’ve used, it’s just an effortlessly easy way to shave. Whether I’ve got one day’s worth of stubble or two, it just glides right over your face. You can shave wet or dry and even without lube your going to get a great shave. Just seeing if your all paying attention here, with the lube remark:)

I’ve really come to enjoy using it. All of you guys should check it out. I enjoy it, it’s fun to use, and it’s 100% practical.

And how exactly does this relate to dating? Simple. Women love a clean shaven face, guys. They want to be able to kiss and caress that soft face of yours. They want it to feel just like a baby’s butt. Ok, maybe I’m reaching with the baby’s butt thing… Ill see you guys tomorrow.