kids having fun with david wygantI was at the farmer’s market with my daughter.

We were hanging out, having a good time.

She started running around in circles. Next thing you know, her friend started running after her and then another little boy started running after the both of them.

I looked around the farmer’s market and I saw adults just sitting there, staring at their iPhones; staring at their BlackBerries; staring at each other but not running around or talking.

What’s wrong with adults? They just aren’t’ fun. They’re constantly looking for external sources to have a good time.

Tweeting, baseball, Instagram.

I’ve said it so many times before: we’ve become a society surviving off external gratification.

But you know what’s really fun? Just being a kid—running, playing, riding your bike.

Want to meet more women? Be more fun in your life.

Knock out the video games, knock off the twitter obsession, knock off the Facebook and the Instagram.

And start doing more fun things that other people can participate in.

Our society is setup nowadays so that solitary things have become fun. With video games, you don’t need anybody else to play with—you can play against the computer, etc.

With Facebook, you can view other people’s status updates from afar and post your own comments from your cave.

Twitter? 140 characters to make an emotional connection. No more!

On Instagram you take a picture, put it up, make a comment underneath it, and see who is funnier or who has a more fun view on life.

Get a grip people!

Life is meant to be enjoyed in person.

You want to meet more women? Become more fun. It’s a non-solitary thing.

Ride a bike on a Saturday.

Take a hike.

Walk around your city and check out the architecture and talk to people.

Go to museums; go to an art gallery.

Do things so you can start commenting and having fun with people. Otherwise you’re just going to become a solitary man and that is the way society enjoys it.

Because that’s how they prey, that’s how the Facebook and the Instagrams and the Twitters prey on you.

To be more fun, to be more social is the way things need to really be.