So many of you guys work out and see hotties at the gym.

And I’m sure all of you have heard women say that they hate meeting men at the gym.

They don’t feel pretty.

They feel sweaty.

They stink.

All right, just seeing if you’re paying attention, maybe they don’t stink, but you get the idea.

But the gym has always been one of my favorite places to meet women.


Because I don’t think like the regular guy.

Most guys think they need to go over and ask her out immediately.

And most guys spend so much time trying to find the perfect thing to say that they don’t do the simple things that you can do at the gym.

So here are a few ways that you can become the social man at the gym, and attract all the sweaty women that you previously just stared at:

1.  Start talking to all the dudes. Start getting to know the people at the gym so when you go there, people say hello to you. Let her notice you first.

Once you’ve done that and established that social proof you need, you can bring the next element into it.

2.  Work out next to her but don’t stare at her, just smile. As you are running on the treadmill, look over at her, and ask her to pull her headphones out. Then say, “Hey, you want to race to make this more fun?”

Then chat her up a bit and that’s it.  But…

3.  If she’s on a machine…go over to the machine and say, “Hey can I work in with you?”

And work in a little bit. That’s all.

Here’s the deal: you don’t need to ask her out right away.  You need to establish in her eyes that she’s attractive to you and you do that with Step #1. You need to then communicate with her, and you do that with Steps #2 and #3.

And once you’ve done that, once you’ve broken the ice, it becomes super easy. You can then ask her out any time you want and not worry if she doesn’t say yes.

It doesn’t matter because there’s another great one right around the corner in the gym.  If she doesn’t say yes today because she’s in a relationship, you can then get to know her over a period of time so you become the guy of choice when she breaks up with him.

And she will.