how to manifest charmI’ve been called charming by a lot of people.

You see, I can turn on the charm in an instant.

I literally can see a woman, look at her, and within three seconds, walk over to her and be the most charming person she’s met that day.

I could even be in a rotten mood before I see her. I could totally be thinking about something else. I could be on Facebook checking out and reading something. But, when something catches my attention and I want it, I can turn on the charm in an instant.

I do it in every situation in my life. I do it when I’m working with people, I do it when I’m talking to people, I do it when I’m going to go buy something.

How do I do that? How do I turn on the charm? What’s the magical secret? Well, I’m going to explain that to you right now.

There is an old saying that most people live by, and it’s this: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

I call it the doubting Thomas way of looking at life.

They don’t believe deals exist, they don’t believe hot women want them.

They don’t believe that they can make money.

They don’t believe anything, right? Because they’re doubters.

So, they go through their entire lives working their shitty jobs, living their shitty lives, and not catching any breaks. Yet, all they ever see is people catching breaks non­stop. And they think to themselves, “How did that person make that break? Man, they must be lucky.”

Nope. You see, luck has nothing to do with it.

I believe it and then I see it. I see a woman standing there, she’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s beautiful. I already believe we’ve had sex. I already believe we’ve had a relationship. Shit, I already believe I already know her.

So, when I walk over to her, it’s like she feels that energy. She feels the energy of the two of us connecting. She feels me. She thinks we know each other, and all of a sudden we get into this deep conversation right off the bat. I’ve done it millions of times.

I’ve shown it to so many people. Nobody is better at it than me.
Donald Trump saw the presidency. How do you think Donald Trump has gotten as far as he has? He believes it and then he sees it.

That’s how life happens. So, how do you turn on the charm? Well, it’s really simple. You stay present and realize that life is giving you a gift. You realize that a person is showing up in your life for a specific reason at that specific time. Life to me is a giant stage, so the second I’m outside and out and about I realize that I’ve got 15 to 20 minutes to perform, so I’m going to go and perform at my all-time best.

Think of Tom Brady. How come Tom Brady can always, always drive the Patriots down the field in the last two minutes? Because he believes it before he sees it. Every single time Tom Brady can make it happen.

You’ve got to do that. When I walk around, I already fucking see it. I already believe it. So, I turn on the charm in an instant. I realize I have this moment, that God and the universe are giving me this person in this moment. It’s allowed you to connect with this person.

It’s given you that gift, so take advantage of it. Drop everything. Put the iPhone in your pocket. Drop the thoughts inside your brain, and look at it, and go thank you so much for delivering this amazing gift to me right now. Thank you!

And then just go in there and be the most charming, amazing self that you are, because I believe that everybody is really charming. Allow your true personality to show out. Observe something. Talk about something. Show enthusiasm. Because, if you think about it, everybody is charming. Have you ever been around a boring child? No.

When you see five and six and four year­olds, they’re all full of life. They’re all full of enthusiasm, and all full of energy and emotion. Well, you were once that beautiful child.

You were once that amazing kid. So why are you not allowing that to come out of you? Well, life, and insecurities, and fears, and social conditioning have stopped you from literally being that person again. So now I just tell you to be a kid.

You want to learn how to really be charming? Well, one, you could be coached by me, and I can fucking teach you.

But two, you want to really learn how to be charming? Fucking go to a kid’s birthday party. Go hang out with a bunch of kids. Don’t be the creepy guy who goes to the park. Get invited to it. Go see you uncle’s kids, go hang out with your kids, and watch what charming is all about. Start living an unfiltered life, which we’ll talk about next.