I got an interesting e-mail about interior decorating from one of you guys.

E-mail was this:

Hey David,

Every time a woman comes over to my house, she always tells me that my house is such a “guy’s” place. Is there anything wrong with that?

— Brett R.

bachelor pad nice david wygantHere’s the deal: Who do you want in your house? A bunch of sweaty men that you’re going to hang out with over and over again, drink beer, give high-fives to, eat corn dogs, sit around and fart all afternoon?

Now, I know there’s nothing wrong with doing that. It’s quite fun sometimes. But, when you got a woman coming over to your house, then you’ve got o make it woman-friendly.

Here’s a list of things that you need:

1. A hair dryer. Yeah, I know how simple it is to go get out of the shower, dry our hair with a tower, put some goop in, and call it a day. But, women, they like to blow their hair straight, curl it, do whatever they want with it. Have a hair dryer!

2. A box of tampons. Certainly not a bad thing to have in there. You never know when a woman stays over what might start flowing. You don’t want to have to run to CVS to go pick up some tampons when you can have them in your house.

3. A toothbrush or two. Have a couple extra toothbrushes. I know she’s going to say this, because all of them always do say that, “Oh, what? You have a bunch of toothbrushes here because you have a lot of women sleeping over?” My answer to that always was, “No, I travel a lot and I like to have extra toothbrushes.”

Bottom line is: be prepared.

4. Clean towels that don’t have smudges, cum stains, or anything else on it. Make sure your sheets are clean. Make sure your towels are clean. This is ground zero.

5. Moisturizer. That’s right. Not just any kind of moisturizer, a nice moisturizer; maybe some coconut oil, which also doubles as a natural massage oil. Women like to use moisturizer for all kinds of things: making their skin soft, taking a bath, and giving you a massage are included.

And honorable mention:

Some coffee. Even if you don’t drink it, coffee’s always a good thing to have for women. Coffee, some tea, and some other assorted beverages; maybe some coconut water, or something nice and splashy, warm and inviting.

Here’s the deal: Make your home woman friendly so that way, when she’s there, she doesn’t want to rush home right away.

You want her to stick around for a while—at least for one night.