making friendsThere are a lot of people that don’t have friends. They have acquaintances, but nobody you can really rely on; nobody to really get close to, or really connect with on a much deeper level.

Friends are amazing. So how do you go about making friends? How do you go about really building up your friend network? Well, it’s got nothing to do with Fakebook, or Facebook, as we call it.

It’s about letting people see you. It’s about making an effort. You see, in order to make friends, you need to make an effort. Otherwise you’re not going to make friends. So you need to let people see the magic and beauty of who you really are as a person. You need to be raw, vulnerable, open, and exposed.

Don’t be afraid of showing people who you are, because real friends see exactly who you are, and that’s what’s really nice. They see everything. Don’t be afraid to make plans with people that you meet. You meet somebody who’s very interesting and they’re of the same sex, lose the same-sex friend date thing.

There’s an episode of Seinfeld that’s really fucking funny. Jerry meets a cool guy — I think it was Keith Hernandez. And he tells Elaine that he wants to go out on a friend date, and he wants to know when the right time to call the friend is. He doesn’t want to seem too needy or too pushy.

It’s quite comical, because it’s like that. You see, women have no problem making friends. They just bond instantly. They usually bond over things they’re gossiping about, or talking about, and then all the sudden they realize this other girl is cool, and they’re like, hey, let’s get together for coffee or tea, or whatever women do.

But dudes seem to have this homophobic, weird shit going on, that when they meet another guy, they really would like to be friends with the other guy, but the fact of the matter is they don’t want to look like they really need friends. It’s some weird, homophobic thing between men. I don’t know what the hell it is.

That Seinfeld episode, the one with Keith Hernandez, really showed what that was all about. So what’s the point? The point is, if you meet a cool guy, you should look at them and just go, man, I want to fucking rack your brain some more; I want to talk to you some more. It’s called being real and vulnerable, not caring what other people think, and getting rid of whatever phobias you might have about this bonding thing, and tap into your inner Seinfeld, your inner Keith Hernandez, and just be friends.

Friends are what we need, because they give us the lesson. Everybody that we bring into our life is another person that teaches us another valuable lesson, something we need to learn, because everybody is just a mirror for us.

We all mirror one another. So if you’re meeting somebody that’s interesting, you guys are mirroring one another. Why not find out what it’s all about? Friends are great, so put yourself out there. It’s another form of vulnerability that most people fear.