living an unfiltered lifeA good friend of mine, Greg, is one of my best friends in the whole wide world. Whenever we hang out, he always says one thing to me:
it always amazes him that no one ever punches me or walks away or throws something in my face.

Here’s what he means: we’re talking to a group of people and then all of a sudden I say exactly what’s on my mind. Unfiltered, raw, in the moment.

I walked into an apartment one time. I didn’t like it. My real estate agent was there, and I looked at her and I said “What is this, lost in the 80s? All that’s missing is a glass table and a pile of cocaine. Look at this thing!”

My real estate agent was just like, “Oh my God, she’s dying! David, maybe don’t say this.” The other real estate agent looks at me and she goes, “Oh my God, I’ve been trying to tell the clients to go and fix this up and invest in this property, but they will not do it. Thank you. I’m really inspired to do it again.”

I have always been unfiltered. Why? Why not? You see, I’ve acknowledged the fact that I’m not invincible.

So, unlike a lot of you, I kind of know I’m going to die.

See, I’m going to leave this body called David Wygant.

And I’m going to go become something else. No idea what the universe or God has in store for me, or what Heaven is all about, or any of that stuff because I haven’t been there yet. Shit, hopefully I come back as a ghost and I just torture some of you forever and ever and keep teaching you the lessons you need to learn.

The first thing I’ve acknowledged is that I’m not going to be here forever. I’ve got a limited amount of time on this Earth, so why am I going to hold back? You see, every time I hold back, I hold back feelings, emotions, and thoughts. I can feel the anxiety building inside my body.

As a matter of fact, every time I hold back I can feel it throughout my entire body and all I can picture is little cancer cells forming throughout my entire body because that’s what anxiety and stress are. They’re cancer. Doesn’t mean that you’re going to actually manifest or have real cancer, but it’s going to effect your health. Why would I live a life being afraid of saying what I want to say?

You see, God put me on this planet to allow me to live this magical thing called life. So, why am I not going to say what I feel? Even if it’s the truth and someone can’t handle it.

Why would I be so afraid of trying to always protect other people? There’s a great scene from a movie called A Few Good Men. Tom Cruise is this altruistic millennial before millennials were millennials. He’s full of this 20-something mentality that everything is so fucking grand. Tom Cruise is giving this whole summation, and Jack Nicholson just fucking looks at him and says, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

I don’t know the exact words, but it’s a great thing for a movie because it’s so true. You see, we spend our lives thinking life is something that it’s not until we realize the something that it is.

Digest that statement for a second. Life is exactly what it is, so why not? Why not speak your truth? You see, if you speak your truth, yeah, you may hurt somebody, but at the same time you’re living your life without filters or regrets. And people respect that. They may not love what they’re hearing, but they’re going to respect you, because most people sugar coat things.

You see, people want you speak the truth, when you tell somebody you desire, you have passion for them, you want them, it’s fucking sexy, and hot.

When you ask for a deal or you ask for something, people respect you.

When you tell somebody you don’t want to do business with them anymore, when you tell them it’s not a good fit. When you tell somebody you don’t want to date them, because you don’t want the same thing, they might get hurt, but they fucking respect you.

So practice this. Walk around and challenge yourself one day. Say whatever’s on your mind no matter how cookie it might be.
Walk up to somebody and tell them they’re beautiful. Tell somebody you like their shirt, simple things like that, to start off with. Call a friend up and tell them they’ve not been a great friend, difficult challenges. Call an ex up and tell them you don’t really like the way that you’re being treated by them and you’d like to change the dynamic.

Tell somebody you want to sleep with them because you find them fucking hot. Whatever it might be. Challenge yourself one day to living an unfiltered life. Watch what happens.

It amazes me every single time that I don’t get punched, because I never have gotten punched, I’ve never had a drink slapped in my face, and I’ve never had anybody say anything more than respect. I remember in my 20s I used to sleep with women by just walking over them and telling them what I was going to do to them. A lot of you are thinking but what did they do? Throw a drink at me, slap me across the face?

No, they went home and fucked me. Why? Because I was unfiltered and raw. And it’s the exact opposite of most sugar coating people in this world.