I want to explain fear to you.

Fear is the overwhelming emotion that conquers you when you’re trying to get past something.

We have “here-we-go-again” syndrome that comes in with fear, and it’s really powerful.

Here we go again.

I can’t believe this happened to me again.

Then the emotions come out.

We get all tight inside.

We have the feeling of impeding doom.

No matter how hard we’ve studied something, no matter how hard we prep, there’s always going to be something that triggers fear within us.

It’s a really big challenge, and it’s probably one of the biggest challenges that we will have as human beings.

I’ve been coaching you guys for 20 years, and you always say, “Well David, it’s so easy for you.”

It is. I can go talk to any girl, any place, any time.

It’s a piece of cake. I don’t even think about it.

There’s no anxiety.

If I want to talk to somebody, I talk to them.

It’s just another human being.

We’re just going to have an interaction and see what happens from there.

I have a lot of empathy and compassion. That’s why, for all these years, I’ve been a great coach for you guys who are struggling with trying to make a move on the opposite sex.

Now, trading is my venture. My new challenge. I enjoy this challenge. It’s great. But it’s frustrating as hell.

I pretty much break even every week. Now, you think, “Oh wow, that sucks. You put all this time in and you’re just breaking even?”

But in reality, that’s a win. It’s a huge, huge, huge win.

I mean, I haven’t been live trading for a year yet. I started in July of 2018.

Since Thanksgiving, I’m down a whole $650. That’s it. Including fees and everything. $650.

That’s about $150 a month, maybe a little bit more.

That’s a win.

See, you’ve got to win to handle fear.

In order to win at life, you’ve got to learn how to handle losses.

You’ve got to learn the lessons. When you can learn from those lessons, you’re then going to get past the things that keep blocking you on a daily basis.

This morning, I lost.

I’m in this chat room, and the guy in it took a trade at MU.

I took it, and I lost immediately. I was down $25.

I didn’t get out fast enough.

It tweaked me.

It screwed me up.

So I went back in.

I took it a couple of times. Then the last time I took it, it was actually a big winner, but I got out too fast because I was fearful of losing more. And when you’re fearful of something, the universe gives you more of that.

If you’re fearful of losing money, you’re going to be tight. You’re going to lose money.

If you’re fearful of rejection, you’re going to get rejected over and over again, because you’re walking around with a fear cloud in your mind.

Make sense?


So then, I watched and I saw Zillow, which is one of my favorite stocks.

I nailed it. Perfect entry.

Took a quick exit. Made back some money.

And watched it go up another.

Fear did not allow me to make the money back.

You see, I had the opportunity to not only make the money back, but also go in the green and be very positive for the day.

But because I was fearful and tight about losing money, I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Another way of saying that is, I pussied out.

So, I learned a big lesson.

The lesson is, when the opportunity presents itself (which it always does)…

…regardless of what the outcome was in the beginning…

…regardless of how down I am for the day…

…regardless of anything else, the opportunities will inevitably show themselves, and I’ll clearly be able to redeem myself.

It’s something that happens in life all the time.

It will help you grow.

It will really help you get past the blocks, the fears, the anxiety that you have.

You realize that the opportunity you have at that present moment is NOT the last opportunity that you’re going to have.

It’s one of MANY opportunities.

So, if you lose in that opportunity, and you allow yourself to be in that losing mentality, you’re going to constantly lose.

You’re going to bring about exactly what you always are bringing about: loss.

Think about it. And it will truly happen to you over and over and over again.

But, if you think about how opportunities continually show up, what happens? You get another chance to not only redeem yourself, but go in the green.

Make that money back.

Talk to the next woman who comes in your life.

And that, my friend, is how you deal with fear.