The mystery of women will be unveiled for the very first time, today. I am about to show you a diagram, a board, a system, so you can know, without a shadow of a doubt, if the girl is interested in you. How to know if a girl is interested in you?

There seems to be a plague going on out there: men who fail to approach women on a regular basis. Most men are constantly looking for signs:

Is she interested?

Is it safe to approach?

What do I say when I approach?

Will I be bugging her?

Does she want to talk to somebody?

Is she using her phone now or is she trying to block me?

The excuses go on, and on, and on. Men are plagued with excuses and questions.

If the world is going to keep creating new human beings, men are going have to learn to approach women. Unfortunately, most men suffer from a disease. It’s called approach anxiety. You know the symptoms…

Nervousness when you see a good-looking woman. Your head is full of a barrel of monkeys, screaming and yelling. Having trouble collecting your thoughts. Assuming she’s not interested right off the bat. Negative thoughts are plaguing your every waking moment.

Once again, thoughts are just thoughts. It’s just your brain psyching you out. And as you stand there, staring at her, scaring the hell out of her, she is running away from you.  Approach anxiety has ruined so many men. So many potential relationships have fallen pray to this anxiety bug.

A lot of these women out there, are interested in you. I know you find it hard to believe, but a lot of women are just dying to meet you. That’s right, YOU! You are the one they want to meet!

And all it takes is for you to get past all the monkey chatter in your brain. How to know if a girl is interested in you? How do you know that from the get-go?

Most women I’m talking about the hottest, sexiest, most amazingly beautiful women, are interested in you. I know, hard to believe, right?

Your programming is telling you, “Why would a woman be attracted to a guy like me?”

I know your negative thinking, your belief system is totally freaking out right now. Just the thought of having a woman interested in you, dumbfounds you.  Today, I put out one of the most powerful videos I’ve ever put out in my entire life. It’s a system. It’s an actual chart, and diagram on a whiteboard. You’re going to see how to know if a girl is interested in you.

I diagramed this out step-by-step. This is a video that you must share with any guy that suffers from any of the above – this is about 85% of the population. I’m asking you, that out of all this free content, this is the one thing I’m asking you to share with other people. My goal this year in 2015, is to eliminate as much approach anxiety as possible.

I want to put an end to the monkey chatter in the brain. I want every guy to know why and how women are interested in you. So today’s video will be the most important video you’ve ever watched. I want you to share it with every man. Post it on your FaceBook, post it on your Twitter, and carry it with you. Download this video or make it one of your favorites on YouTube, and watch it whenever you see a woman.

This chart, this system I’m about to unveil for the very first time is going to show you how to know if a girl is interested in you. You can take this video with you to the bar and play it.

You can take this video to Whole Foods and play it. You can play it on the street. This video is going to be your best friend. Watch it now. Share it with everybody.