So you’re at a Christmas party and you want to meet people?

How do you think this Christmas party is any different compared to other parties?

They’re the exact same thing. You’ve got to go out, you’ve got to enjoy yourself, you’ve got to be social, you’ve got to meet people, you’ve got to talk to everybody, you’ve got to smile.
You’ve got to walk over to women right from the get-go and basically base your conversation on an observation you’ve made. It’s not any different. Christmas parties are exactly the same as other parties.

Somebody e-mailed me the other day and asked me, “How do you hook up at a Christmas party?” It’s no different guys, it really isn’t. It’s about using the same techniques that I’ve been teaching here ever since I started this blog.
You have to stop thinking that things are so different in different situations. It’s not different. It’s always your mind set that needs to change. You need to go to every single party the exact same way. You need to walk into that party, you need to talk to people, you need to relate to people and have fun, you need to show women you’re the kind of guy who knows how to have a good time.

Talk to men. Talk to women. And when you see someone you’re attracted to, walk over to them directly from the get-go based on an observation you’ve made, and just start talking. It’s not any different.

Sure, during Christmas time maybe you could wear a Santa cap. You could carry around a mistletoe. You could be cute like that, you could do all those things, or you could walk around with a stocking full of little gimmick gifts to give out at the party. But the bottom line is, it’s all about communication. And if you’re not great at it, you’d better learn, by clicking right here.