I get asked a lot about how to “properly” break up with someone. Breaking up is really a hard thing to do. I’ve written about this in the past, but I keep getting this question. So maybe I should tackle this subject again.

Breaking up is tough. You could do it like Sylvester Stallone and break up with someone via FedEx.

You can also can sit someone down, look them in the eyes and be 100% honest with about how you feel. You can tell the person exactly how you feel about them — that you love them as a person but that you no longer romantically feeling them anymore. You can tell them that you’re great as friends but not great as lovers.

Honesty is really, really hard for certain people. By being honest, though, you are allowing someone not to live with any doubt or questions, and it allows them to move on. It will of course hurt in that moment, but then that person can start healing and move forward.

Too many people don’t allow someone to heal. By being honest with someone when breaking up, though, you are allowing them to start healing.

So share with me today some of the toughest times you had breaking up with people. I’d love to hear from you guys.