Sometimes you can’t seem to clarify the things you need to get done.

Sometimes your dating life goes a way you don’t want it to go. Today’s video is all about how to get the results you need and want in life.

Back in August I needed to take a trip.

I really needed to get the hell out of Los Angeles.

I needed to escape. I needed to think. I needed to clarify things. I needed to feel better about things that are going on in my life.

Sometimes, as we all know, the day to day cannot only be redundant but it also can be really stressful.

Sometimes the day to day of life can be like this endless circulating mess inside your brain.

I know when things get crazy in my life I need to get grounded again. I need to get away from things, I need to get safe, I need to clarify, I need to feel strong again.

How do I do that? I usually go away on a trip. One of the best places for me to go away to, is a place that felt amazing to me as a child.

I grew up in a place called Scarsdale, New York. It’s a beautiful town about 30 miles outside of Manhattan where everything is idyllic. I used to spend my summers in a place called Hampton Bays, in West Hampton. Those were the places where I felt alive. I felt free.

So when I feel congested in my life, I take a trip out to the Hamptons. I rent a house. I hang out with some good friends and I process things that I need to.


I don’t call people back. I don’t think about some of the business stuff that drives me crazy. I get grounded again. It’s where I go to get clear again. Because in life, when we’re not clear it’s hard to make decision. It’s hard to move forward.

It’s a challenge for us to clarify things because we’re in the muddle. It’s difficult to get a clear, concise answer.

That’s why I always go somewhere else. New York City does that for me too. Getting on an airplane also makes me feel clear and grounded.

Where’s your special place? What do you do to get grounded? How do you try to get clarity in your life? To allow yourself the clarity you need?

I want you to watch today’s video. I shot it in a very interesting place. I shot it in a place called the ‘Crows Nest’ in Montauk. It’s a beautiful bar restaurant.

I shot it outside. You’ll see me in a shadow, because in life, when you don’t have capacity and you’re trying to get results, you usually feel like you’re in a shadow.

Today, check out how to get immediate results in your life.