gemma-atkinson-tank-top-david-wygantWhen I was growing up, my dad was a stockbroker and my grandfather traded commodity.

It’s no wonder that I’ve spent most of my life trading pussy.

A pussy broker is one of the best jobs a man can possibly have.

It consists of going out and meeting lots of women and trading pussy.

In reality, that’s all we’re doing: woman are cock brokers and men are pussy brokers.

And don’t deny it.

If anybody gets offended by what I’ve just written, you need to lighten the f@$k up.

We’re all trading in and out of pussy and cock 24/7. We’re doing so until we find the right one that fits us.

And when you’ve been a pussy broker as long as I’ve been a pussy broker, you’ll realize that each one is really, really different.

There are some that fit really well.

There are some that respond better than others.

There are some that tastes better than others.

There are some that move better than others.

And there’s some that just feel perfect, because in reality, it’s just energy between two people. When a man enters a woman for the very, very first time, there’s an energetic connection that’s going on.

If you’re energetically aligned with somebody, it’s going to be off-the-charts sex.

If you’re not energetically aligned, you’re going to come up with this excuse.

“It’s the first time, it will get better.”

Take it from a seasoned pussy broker: it really won’t.

When I’ve had sex with a woman and the sex was amazing the first time, it only got better; when I’ve had sex with a woman and it was really bad the first time, it only got worse.

Being a pussy broker is not about sex, it’s about connection.

The deeper you can connect with a woman immediately, the better the sex is going to be; the more you understand one another, the better the sex is going to be.

It’s important to understand your own love language and what you like.

Are you a physical touch person, are you somebody that’s affectionate back, are you somebody that likes to talk?

Understanding who you are as a man is going to help you become the best pussy broker in the entire world.

I know what I like, I know how I like to be talked to, I know how I like to talk, I know how I like to be touched. I know everything about who I am and what I want from a partner.

If I had to write out my perfect lover right now, I could easily do it. It’s a piece of cake.

Do you really know who your perfect lover is? Do you even know what your perfect lover is all about?

The only way to do that is to experiment. Let the ones go that don’t feel right and keep the ones that feel amazing.

To become a true pussy broker, you need to become a man. You need to become a man that really wants to connect to women on all different levels.

As you can see, I can use the term pussy broker lightly to make you laugh, but in reality, we’re all just brokers. We’re commodities. We’re trading up, trading down, and trading horizontally.

And we’re doing so to learn.

Each person that you’re with, each woman that you taste, each woman that you feel, each woman that you experience is teaching you something about yourself.

So with each sexual experience, with each vagina you enter, you’re defining your sexual core.