Here’s a fact that you probably don’t know about me. I don’t drink, do drugs, drink coffee, or eat sugar. I don’t do any type of stimulants at all. I ever do is get high off of life. When I’m out on a date, I don’t drink at all. I don’t mind if she has a glass of wine.  But for me, I want to connect with somebody based on who I am, what I’m about.  I don’t need to loosen up, get all buzzed to say things I want to say.

I’ve been living a clean life for a long time. I have figured out how to live life high and happy, without any booze, drugs, or anything. This summer I went out on a date with a woman. She was pretty amazing. I drove to her house, it was late Saturday afternoon. We were going to go to the Getty Center and walk around.

I went over and she had a couple of glasses of wine before I showed up.  It was her thing.  She was tipsy.  I respect that; that was her thing, not my thing. It was probably the reason why we’re not a match. To me, sitting around and having a couple of glasses of wine in my back yard is not fun. So we ended up going out that night.  She had another glass of wine or two. She looked cute, and giddy.  But I don’t need to create an amazing life with drugs or alcohol.

How many dates have you been on where you’ve had a f glass of wine too many?  You know the situation.

The guy walks you to the door. You kiss him. You’re a little loose. And then you make a mistake and you end up sleeping with him. The alcohol wears off and you’re lying in bed next to this hairy monster who you never would have had sex with without the wine. How many times have you gone out on a date, had a little too much to drink, and got a little too emotional? And when you sobered up, you started thinking about why you said that.

When you live a life without alcohol or drugs, you live a life that’s clear. Your connections  are stronger. you’re able to have an amazing time.  It’s a life that I want you to try exploring.  Go out on a few dates and don’t have anything to drink.  You’ll find you’ll be able to evaluate the person and remember the date far better.  Allow your personality to come out without alcohol.