Evil-ManSo last night, I had one of the funniest nights ever.

First off, I was playing online and reading profiles online for my new book on online dating and I figured something out which is both dastardly and effective.

Here’s one of the best online dating tricks in the world:

Let’s say you find somebody’s profile that you really like.

Right click on their profile picture and save it to your desktop.

Now pull up Google in your browser. Click on “images” and then drag the picture you just saved to the search box.

Google will find out who that person is. You can get Facebook information, you can find out where they work and so forth.  You can find out what they’ll be doing this weekend.

That’s right.

People post on Facebook. You can find out where they’re going to be doing on this Friday night.  They might be at some type of event or they might be at some type of club or a bar or something. You can find out where they are and you can meet them organically.

That’s right: you can meet them organically without having to write them a crazy e-mail.

There’s no reason to write them a crazy e-mail if you have all this information about them.

It’s always about thinking outside the box, guys, it really is.  Think outside the box.  This tip alone can give you such an advantage over everybody else.

Most guys online will just go and write an e-mail.  That’s right, and hope and pray that the woman gets back to them.

Now, with some clever usage of technology, you can move beyond that and create an opportunity to meet them face to face.

This is the biggest glitch in online dating, and I have found it for you.

Use it.