Kelly RipaI was walking on the beach in Bridge Hampton a couple of days ago, and this really attractive woman was walking toward John and I with a bunch of people. I had absolutely no idea who she was. So like I do whenever an attractive woman, or anybody for that matter, walks by me, I just said, “Hi, how are you?”

She looks at me and says, “Great thanks. You?” Gives me a big smile and walks on by.  John looks at me and says, “That girl is really familiar. I think she’s the Regis girl.”

We keep walking and talking between us, and suddenly there’s another attractive woman walking down the beach. Just like I said to the woman before, I say, “Hi, how are you? Let me ask you a question. Who’s the co-host of that Regis show with Michael Strahan?”

The woman looks at me and says, “Oh that’s Kelly Ripa. She’s here on the beach today. It’s funny whenever she’s here everybody just stares at her. Nobody says hello to her. I’ve always wanted to but I didn’t know if she was nice or not.”

“She’s super nice. I said Hi to her just now without realizing who she was. Go say hi to her when you next see her.” I said.

So, I think I’ve started a trend. Everyone should say hello to Kelly Ripa. There are a couple of funny things about this situation. I just don’t care. I don’t know who anyone is. I’m just friendly to everybody, and that’s what a lot of you unconscious individuals don’t understand. I’m going to get to that in a moment.

We got into a long conversation with this really cool woman on the beach for an hour and a half. She met some guy she was enthralled with. I asked her what it was about him she liked. “It’s not what he says to me.” She says. “It’s how he talks to other people. I was on a plane and someone was acting like an idiot. He stood up and told the guy to have a little more respect for people.

Another time we were in a restaurant and he’s super sweet to the waitress. I was at his house one day and a neighbor called up because they needed help with a window. He went and helped them in a shot. He’s so good with people.” She explained.

You see, women judge you on your character with other people, but so many of you are so unconscious that you don’t understand that.  It’s so simple to walk over and say, “Hey, how you doing?” just like I did to Kelly Ripa. But so many of you think you have to come up with some magical word, phrase, or game you have to run on someone, when in reality what women are looking for is the quality of your character. They want to see whether you’re the kind of guy who goes out with his friends getting drunk and acting like a moron.

A lot of you will buy a program of mine like, “7 Second Seduction.” You’ll go out and try to do the simple things, but they won’t work for you. Why? Because you don’t get it. You don’t understand how simple this really is. It’s as easy as saying, “Hi.”

There aren’t 75 different steps. There’s one-step and that’s learning to communicate with everyone. Every single person you communicate with leads to another conversation. If I ever see Kelly Ripa again, I can walk up to her as a normal person and say, “Hi, I saw you on the beach in Bridge Hampton that day with your family. How are you? How was the rest of your day?”

What do you think will happen? She’ll have an open conversation with me.  I learned a long time ago how simple life can be when you get rid of all the monkey chatter going on in your brain. Your brains are so full of money chatter it’s unbelievable. I look at some of the comments on here and I see a few of you guys get it. But I still see things like, “I walked up to this girl and said hey. She said hey back. What does that mean? Does she like me?”

Stop making things so complicated. You have these stories you create about what you need to do. Just keep doing the simple things as I show you in “7 Second Seduction.”

You see me going out, talking to people, keeping it simple, and interacting with women. It really is that easy, but you want 75 steps because you think it’s that complicated. Realize women just want a man that will come over and say hello. They want the guy who walks the old lady across the street as much of a cliché as it sounds.

Women are looking for a good man, not a man that’s smooth because he memorized “128 Steps To Seduction” by a pick-up expert Joe Schmoe.

“Did you learn the coffee 101 approach? You down just enough caffeine so you’re not jittery, and then you pretend to sneeze until she looks at you!”

I don’t know it’s all BS!

Just fucking roll with it guys!