For those of you that are in relationships, this can be one of those times of year that is really confusing. No, not whose house you’re going to go to for Christmas, what you’re going to get her as a gift. How long you’ve been dating dictates how much you need to spend on a gift. It’s a tough thing to know, because you might’ve met somebody recently. Even though you’re super, excited about the relationship, you have added pressure by buying her a gift for Christmas. There’s that expectation, especially if she hasn’t given you any feedback.

Let’s go over a couple of dos and don’ts today.  If you’ve been dating one month and less, consider something very simple. Try to remember something she’s asked for (maybe not that giant Lexus with a bow on it)

Pay Attention And Buy Her Something She Wants

Maybe when you were out and about, something caught her eye. It might have been a simple charm. It might’ve been a shirt. Or a hat she saw in the window.  Thing about the times you spent together. Go grab something she noticed while you were together. By getting her that type of gift, you’re going to show her that you notice everything about her. You pat attention to the small details. It’s going to give you an opportunity to get some holiday thumbs up.

If you’ve been dating for less than a month, don’t get her something that’s expensive. You’re going to put so much pressure on her because she may or may not have gotten you something.  She may have only gotten you a little thing. If you’re going to go out and buy her some Zales diamond pendant or some crazy expensive gift, you’re going to put too much pressure on the holiday. Especially if you’re giving gifts to each other on the same night.

First, she’ll open up your super expensive gift. Then, you’ll open up her gift and it will be a gift certificate for Starbucks or iTunes. If you’ve been dating longer than a month and it’s a relationship, you’ve stated the ‘I love you’s’ back and forth, you need to go into multiple gift giving. Think about things that she’s been craving, wanting, and desiring, just like in the first step here.  By doing that, it shows that you’re paying attention. You’re spoiling her and taking care of her on the holidays. Maybe you can do something fun like I’ve done before. You can literally celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and get her 11 little gifts leading up to one big gift.

It’s about enjoying yourself, having a good time and being creative when it comes to buying a gift. Check out today’s video for some more help.  I went to this great little market in Venice for this woman that I’m friends with who runs a jewelery shop. She’s going to describe how to buy the perfect gift for women today and you’re going to get some more tips. She’s going to help you find something that’s going to match your sweetheart perfectly.